Noida Man Takes Pet Dog to Kedarnath Shrine Gets Tilak Put on Him, Furious Priests File FIR

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A vlogger from Noida has gotten himself into trouble after taking his pet dog to the Kedarnath shrine and having a priest apply a vermillion tilak on him. According to The Federal, Noida resident Vikash Tyagi, 33, brought his four-and-a-half-year-old pet husky named Nawab to the holy temple during the ongoing Char Dham Yatra. The Badrinath-Kedarnath Shrine Committee was outraged after a video of Nawab asking blessings from Nandi outside the temple by stroking the idol with his paw went viral. Nawab is a well-known Instagram influencer with over 74K followers under the username ‘huskyindia0.’

A video was uploaded on Instagram, and captioned as, ‘’Hey Everyone I’m Nawab (Dog) And I am 4.5 years old now. I can proudly say that as much as I have traveled in 4 years, a person at the age of 70 would not be able to travel. And all this happened because my parents take me everywhere. That’s why I have a request from all your pet parents. When you give respect to your fur baby, then only the person in front will respect your pet(kid). It is not that my parents do not face problems by taking me with them. But my parents fight with that problem but always take me along.’’

The Committeee has requested serious punishment against the dog’s owners and has also filed a FIR, calling it a “degrading, repulsive, and condemnable behaviour.” The religious sensibilities of individuals and pilgrims have been harmed, according to the committee. A committee member further stated that such vloggers have no religious affiliation and just visit religious sites to film reels and videos. According to a senior police officer, the presence of YouTubers and vloggers at the temple has frequently resulted in security issues.

“They come to a halt in the middle of trek paths and begin filming reels, disturbing the pilgrims’ journey. They are obviously unrelated to dedication.”

According to a report by ToI, BKTC President Ajendra Ajay said: “Thousands of people believe in Baba Kedarnath, and such antics by YouTubers and vloggers harm their feelings. These folks have no passion; they merely come here to shoot reels and movies while listening to Bollywood music. It comes in the way of pilgrims who come to seek Baba Kedarnath’s blessings.”

According to the Federal report, Tyagi and his wife travelled with not just Nawab, but also two other dogs on the yatra. He further stated that Nawab has been accompanying him on religious pilgrimages for the past four years, including a trip to Badrinath last year. The vlogger further justified himself, claiming that Nawab is a member of his family. He explained that the goal of taking Nawab wherever with them, whether it’s to a temple, on vacation, or even paragliding, is to change the public’s perspective of pets as non-family members.

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