Not to confuse between Womanism and Feminism, check the difference between these two similar words

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One of the toughest section of our society is to provide equality to all. Women had a rough time, from early times women were fighting for their basic human rights. Even today in our modern world, there are places still where women aren’t given any basic rights. After basic rights came the right to vote, which was also a tough battle. Now even hundreds of years later, and still our society is tainted with some biasness towards women – from sexism to less opportunities at work place, discrimination at work and home, are among a few toxins still present in our society. Some places still disenfranchise women and to fight for their equal rights, several resistance movements came in the picture. To promote gender equality and all inclusiveness, movements and social concepts like Womanism and Feminism came forward. Feminism strives for equality, its goal is to achieve social-economic and political equality. Traditionally, though feminist movement was more influenced by white women of upper and middle class and failed to address the issues of black women. The segregation only ended in 1964, and the feminist movement of that time failed to address the issues of black women. Hence, the term Womanism was coined by Alice Walker in 1983, an American poet and the author of the critically acclaimed novel – The Color Purple. Womanism celebrates womanhood, strives to build an inclusivity in the society, and is also concerned with black women. According to Walker, Womanist are black feminist. Womanist at the core are committed for the wholeness of the entire society – including both women and men. The main difference between Feminism and Womanism was that, black women had to face racism and classism on top of sexism. Womanism aims at fighting for the equality of everyone that’s discriminated, the concept of intersectionality comes into play- how people with different gender, Race, sexual identify, class face different types of discrimination and come forward to create a multidimensional experiences of discrimination. Womanism as multilayer movements aims at striving for the wholeness of the society.

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