Nothing comes easy in life, and success is no exception

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Design is said to be a perfect blend of intelligence and creativity, but not everyone is equally gifted to do so. And those who are, might not always achieve their destination due to various said and unsaid restraints. However, anything is possible with undying passion and with a heart that pumps hard work into the veins. 

Let us talk about the journey of a man with dreams who is now the co-founder of three ventures that have aced and continue to do so in the domain of creativity and strategic design. Tuhin Roy stepped into the world of design as he completed his Fashion Design Program from NIFT Hyderabad in 2003. His initial job stint with brands like Identiti, Levis Strauss India & Madura Garments marked his earliest encounter with how design and the associated businesses work. These projects imbibed in him the much required knowledge about how the industry works and what are some of the professional nuances that are needed to grow into a non-amateur.

After 7 years of happy service into the industry, Tuhin came across his first barrier, when the brand he was working for was hit by recession. The employees were asked to leave and it was a major setback for Tuhin and his career. 

Nevertheless, his passion for design did not let him stop. His zeal and yearning to do more led him to a path that urged him to start his own strategic design agency. The idea cropped in his mind when the market was filled with advertising agencies offering similar services. He analyzed that an agency that is specific to design are less in number and would definitely have a higher demand in future. 

Since Tuhin had the required experience and knowledge of working with top-notch brands, he applied that into creating an agency that serviced but did not remain limited to the domains of Product, Branding, Space & Communication Design. After accumulating the necessary resources, Tuhin and Piyush Bhandari (co-founder) started JUMPINGGOOSE in 2011. 

After a year of unpleasant experiences, unpaid assignments, no replies from the clients, they decided to shut the agency down. However as they stepped into 2013, a new motivated version of them stepped in too. They were determined to make the best out of what they have. They started working with smaller clients, taking assignments of a smaller scale. This took them to greater heights of success. Their dedication to achieve more came true as they worked with their optimum capacities. 

Talking about the struggles he faced during his journey, Tuhin said that he doesn’t believe in fundamental struggles. Instead, he looks at them as opportunities wrapped in adversities. We think of this approach to life as something that each of us can acquire in our daily lives. 

There has been no going back since 2013. They started as a team of two and presently embrace a personnel of 20 strong and stellar professionals. Tuhin described his journey as a hands-on experience, primarily because he has no family business or background to learn from. He constantly emphasizes on the importance of reinventing oneself and finding ways to work relentlessly on future goals. 

The duo has crafted three ventures in the design and creativity domain since their inception into the industry. JUMPINGGOOSE, is the first venture that we’ve been talking about since the very beginning. This strategic design agency has won awards for its recognition as the best design agency. Based out of the smart cities of Bangalore and Mumbai, JUMPINGGOOSE dispenses innovative and uniquely curated consultancy & strategic design services across industries in Product Design, Space Design, Brand Identity, Retail & Digital Communication Design. To know more about this venture, checkout their official instagram page

Another venture is a global creative marketplace and is known across India as For a venture that has launched relatively recently (2020), has made its position in the market through the high quality licensing of quality graphics, artworks, stock photography, and other digital goods. For the unversed, is India’s first online marketplace that has been built for creative assets for global audience.

Lastly, JOYPILL, a quirky brand for those who are young at heart , stands true to its name as it believes and encourages people in finding happiness in ordinary things. Shop whatever makes your heart happier at  You can also checkout their official instagram page at

Presently, the company clocks an eight figure turnover each year and progresses 35-40% after each consecutive year. With an initial investment of 10 lakhs, Tuhin Roy and Piyush Bhandari have truly converted their dreams into reality. 2020 is marked as a year of global recognition for their company as they are actively expanding their business. 

JUMPINGGOOSE recently completed its 10th anniversary and has successfully delivered over 1000+ design projects during the decade.  Additionally, the company is associated with leading domestic, prominent celebrity clients and iconic International brands


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