Organising the gig economy with AWIGN

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AWIGN was founded back in 2016 when India was at the cusp of technological advancement. There was a drastic drop in the cost per GB in terms of internet use made the virtual world a lot more accessible to the masses of our country. The internet was here, and here to stay. The founding team at AWIGN understood this need to create an organised way of working, where people can be onboard on a task-to-task basis. There were a couple of gaps in the existing, unstructured process: one, there was no standardisation, and secondly, companies lacked the skill set and energy it took to monitor and handle this gig workforce.

The vision has always been to expand across the country and create a scalable model of contracts for service. With clear targets, to create exponential reachability- AWIGN has already managed to reach over 7,500 pin codes throughout India. More than 5 lakh people have onboard the AWIGN platform as gig crew members. In the last two years, the company has managed to draw up employment and acted as the bridge for over 5 million “tasks” or gigs.

With these rapid achievements, AWIGN is on track to be one of the top startups in the country. The founding team had an incredible vision, and it is worth hearing the stories of their journey. The three founding members, Sarthak, the CEO, Gurpreet, the CRO and Praveen the CTO. Their synergy, according to the team AWIGN, is impeccable. As college friends, they knew each other and had spent a fair amount of time and complimented each other’s skill set almost perfectly.

Tackling unemployability in India is a mammoth task, but AWIGN manages to get to the roots of it. Niharika, a member of the team says, the solution had to be “flexible and free”. The space had to provide opportunities to break barriers, mental, physical and social and allow for compounding growth. Aditya, another member of the team, also told us an incredible story of how a gig crew worker, or AWIGNites as they like to call them, managed to upskill and expand and now has employees working under him!

In a space with scope for exploitation, AWIGN brings organisation and structure in a revolutionary manner. The gig economy has taken over several western countries, and I see it expanding its reach in India. This hybrid between self-employed, yet stable is overtaking the millennial generation- and like the internet, we believe it’s here to stay.

Organisations like AWIGN, are in my opinion inherently patriotic. They protect, provide and procedurally direct a large chunk of the nation’s workforce allowing them to grow into their fullest potential.

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