Pharma Wonder Kid: When a 19 years stood for people

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Pharma Wonder 19 year old Teenager Mr Arjun Deshpande started the “#ByPeople #ForPeople” Initiative linking Emergency Necessities at just ‘ONE SOURCE’ Buzzed All across INDIA.

The initial work started with a Sole mission serving a great help and vision by providing affordable access of the medicines, proudly reaching across 130+cities all around India and keen on making different sources available like oxygen leads, beds and life Saving Medicines and Injections as well.

This pharma Wonder Kid, Mr Arjun Deshpande, is 19yrs old who initiates on starting #BYPeople #ForPeople linking many Emergencies necessary resources details at just ONE SOURCE for easing Covid 19 affected families. Within 2hours, he buzzed up with approximately 5,000+ View hits and crossing 94,500 views and yet in counting, that is motived on increasing.

Records are being a good response spreading all over India progressively via INTERNET. Many other Social Media Pages and all the youths support this pharma kid’s Great platform coming forward and volunteering to upload their known verified leads.

High motived initiatives

The world was gradually healing from this pandemic Corona Virus early this year. Still, it struck the situation devastated by witnessing the worsening of the crisis in covid cases in the Second War Wave from every corner of India. Many of us have lost the lives not just due to life-threatening situations but also for not getting emergency medical facilities, including Oxygen cylinders, Medicines, Ambulance Services, hospital beds and Injections. Their demand raised, but the supply was limited.

There enters this rapidly growing Pharma Company started by 19 yes old Mr Arjun Deshmukh who came up with this Unique challenge for Emergency Services. Pharma Wonder 19yr old Kid Mr Arjun Deshpande began the “#Bypeople #Forpeople” Initiative linking Emergency Necessities reached us in one way for helping with the verified leads at just one place.

They believe it got other companies with significant resources coming forward to this Battleground together, then INDIA will soon be a CORONA VIRUS FREE NATION. Generic Aadhaar is the Pharma Venture proliferating for the betterment and standing all by the Nation. They emerge as a Budget Saving with the Highest Discounts on life-saving medicines and injections engaging at every franchise Stores leads and reaching every corner from the Tier-1, Tier-2 to Tier-3 Cities all across India through a better Unique Solution.


Generic Aadhaar has prior distributed the life-Saving injections, namely- “REMDESIVIR INJECTION” free of cost. When we were engaging with the people busy making money out of this heartfelt horrific situation, this Young Founder stepped up and did not stop distributing the “FREE FIRST AID KITS” to all the Covid Warriors.

Maharashtra Police Officers works for hours constantly stepping in heats on roads and they Safeguards to the Citizens from Infringement around the city. This would be a unique and ideal novel work helping out the masses via just One Medium, just One Source of a Website through internet getting networked in all of the cities across India can select their Requirement of Need displaying the Verified numbers from the resources. All Covid-19 Patients Family can access these numbers and address their locality to get access to their Requirements in their particular city or State. 

Also, if anyone interested in adding up any contacts of the verified facilities can volunteer in it, Generic Aadhaar’s back-end team will further verify. This will certainly help all the COVID affected family save their time searching during these emergency challenging crises that might be a life-saver.


Generic Aadhaar Founder Mr Arjun Deshpande has succeeded in getting positive responses across Nation. They have Started with a COVID-19 Campaign initiating for a cheerful motive which can be helpful for approximately 132 crore population all over India and can be saving millions of valuable Lives through this innovative internet networking as just ONE Source with answering the threats website. It is Updated every day and active as

Many Youths all around the cities in India are not only getting connected but also uploading as a volunteer with their verified prospects with the Helpline numbers from their localities and the States all across INDIA for emergency supplies of Oxygen Cylinders, Medicines, Hospitals Beds and Doctors, full Medical Support, Free First Aid Kits, Free Food providers, Ambulance Services, Blood and plasma Donors, and many other emergency services. This Website is already getting boom and supportive on this pandemic hard times where many families are affected.

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