PM Modi responds to CM Mamata Banarjee’s “Khela Hobe” Jargon in Purulia’s Rally

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Addressing a poll rally in Purulia, PM Modi said that the region is facing a huge water crisis due to the inaction of the Trinamool Congress. He said that the Left, TMC governments neglected the industrial development of Purulia. “TMC government has given Purulia only water crisis, forced migration and administration that discriminates,” he said, adding that “the TMC has created a new breed of Maoists in Bengal who loot public money”. He then said that the TMC will be punished for 10 years of misrule and politics of appeasement.

PM used Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s “Khela Hobe (game on)” phrase to attack her and said: “Didi, O Didi – you played for 10 years. Khela shesh home, Vikas aarambh home. (Now your game will be over and development will begin).” “Didi says khela hobe, BJP says jobs; Didi says khela hobe, BJP says education; Didi says khela hobe, BJP says development; Didi says khela hobe, BJP says the rise of women; Didi says khela hobe, BJP says jobs; Didi says khela hobe, BJP says you will get a pucca house, clean water and taps in every home,” said the PM.

In a wide-ranging takedown of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), PM Modi introduced his version of the party’s initials – “Transfer My Commission”. In Bengal, the Centre was doing DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer, he said, “but in Bengal, it is TMC – Transfer My Commission”. The PM accused the Trinamool government of betraying the tribals and the poor by depriving them of central benefits.

On the Nandigram incident, PM Modi said: “Bengal made up its mind long back. It is been saying ‘Lok Sabha mein TMC half across Baar poori safe. Seeing this determination, didi is taking out her frustration on me. But for us, she is a daughter like crores of daughters of India. Respect for them is part of our culture. That is why we were concerned when didi got injured. I pray to God that her leg injury heals soon.”

PM Modi was speaking in Purulia ahead of the eight-phase Bengal election starting March 27, for which the ruling BJP has mounted an aggressive campaign to oust the two-time Chief Minister and her Trinamool Congress from power. The Prime Minister targeted Mamata Banerjee over what he called corruption and lack of development, often switching to Bengali in the largely rural region.

Article By: Stuti Sardana

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