Prakash Saluja, the splendid founder of Kreate Studio

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Working on an out of the box idea gives you an unexplainable strength to stand the tough and competitive market. One such individual hailing from humble beginnings is Prakash Saluja. The great person grew up watching various classic sci-fi movies. The Jurassic Park series proved as a significant influence on him. From there, he wished to work in the animation industry. 

Glowing career Path 

After successfully clearing the 10th standard exams with flying colours, he took up a three-month course in flash animation and 2D animation. The world of animation lures every individual with unexplainable art. This world also attracted Prakash Saluja. With changing times, he realised the importance of computers and also the indispensability of great computational knowledge. After the 12th standard, he took up B.Sc. in animation and decided to pursue VFX & filmmaking as his future career goal. He was introduced to video editing, and hence this became the focal point in his college life.

He successfully edited a total of 15 short films, and luckily one of them made it to the top 10 in IFP (Indian Film Project) in the year 2013. In the year 2016, he joined Pocket Aces Ltd, a company present in Mumbai. He worked as an Assistant Video Editor for the upcoming web series known as the Little Things Season 1 that aired on Dice Media, now on Netflix. He also worked with FilterCopy and also worked as a VFX Artist. He was also offered a full-time job with them, but he decided to shift his field from production and post-production to corporate designing. 

In the year 2017, he joined a branding agency in Pune. There he was hired as a video creator. However, that was a startup, and he was their first and the commendable employee. Then, in 2019 an idea hit him, and he was ready to start his own creative agency named ‘Kreate Studio.’ 

‘Kreate Studio’, expect the unexpected. 

‘Kreate Studio’ was formulated keeping in mind the idea not to make it like any ordinary digital marketing agency that is only driven by sales. Kreate studio largely focuses on eye-pleasing designs. In addition, there is the presence of the out-of-the-box designing system. Initially, freelancers were working in the company on various projects. When there was a heavy flow of work, and the company became stabilised, it started hiring full-time employees, and hence the family became big. 

Welcoming the successful days 

The company warmheartedly added more employees with the passing time and hence holds a total of 9 people in their team. The major struggle for them was Covid 19. Convincing the clients was also very much tough initially, but the great figure Prakash Saluja did not give up on his dream and faced all the barriers with a great heart. He worked day and night and was able to achieve something extraordinary in a very limited period of time. Those who work hard can achieve everything no matter what the situation is.

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