Presenting Himanshu Srivastava: The self made man, the face of Adsteller Technologies

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Himanshu Srivastava may have faced many difficulties in his business but was never ready to give up. All he had was a time in his hand and very little money. He failed several times but never settled for anything less and wanted to break the family tradition of job and low income and struggle cycle.


You should never ever give up in your life and should always work hard to achieve everything that you have once dreamed about. Life is full of struggles, and some people like Himanshu Srivastava are known to succeed in life because of the fact that they never gave up. 

He grew up in a very lower-middle-class family in Bihar. He completed his primary education at a government school. He had to leave the graduation in between due to  lack of financial resources. 

He thought to start his own business in Dec 2010 when he was just in 11th standard. He entered in a Multi-level marketing business. For this, he made an initial investment of 7,500 rupees. He had to borrow this money on interest, and that was a very hard decision to start with. He tried for at least four years, and his this venture ended with a good amount of failure. This was a good move, though, as it taught him the art and skills of communication. However, this step was a very risky one as his parents, and other family people berated him.

After hitting rock bottom, he was encouraged to settle for 9000 or less amount of job, but no, this is not the guy who was ready to give up.


Having 300 rupees in his pocket and having so many dreams in his heart, Himanshu started an online directory business and called it Addmarts India. The sole purpose of the business was to offer business listing & profiling. 

Then Himanshu started offering digital marketing services and closed off a few important deals. With this money, he bought various online courses and studied hard to offer such services. Slowly and steadily, he started securing projects and interesting deals. The biggest project he initially secured was 8000 rupees. He got a very good client and worked really hard for it, and the client was so happy with his services that he referred him to his various connections.

Adsteller Technologies Private Limited

This company is a widely known company now running successfully in Gurgaon. It is a six-figure digital marketing agency. The company is serving in the India, US, UK & UAE. The company possesses an inhouse team in India & the US. 

Himanshu Srivastava was also called for a placement at the college where his friends studied, and many more things are the part of his achievement. When you have nothing in your pocket and see your family struggling, it is difficult to stay positive and put unlimited efforts into your dreams. This is what Himanshu Srivastava is good at that is never giving up nature.

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