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Law Prep Tutorial has been among the best CLAT coaching institutes in India for the past several years because of the robust strategies, teachingmethodologies, and study material to help law aspirants crack the law entrance exam.

National Law Universities (NLUs) are the dreams for students to do their graduation in law after class 12th. But between NLUs and them stand the competitive CLAT exam. With over three lac students applying for a handful of seats, it is challenging to crack the CLAT exam. 

However, Law Prep Tutorial prepares students in such a way that they can be confident about cracking the law entrance exam. But what difference does Law Prep Tutorial make in CLAT preparation? Why do thousands of law aspirants from all over India trust our coaching? 

In this write-up, let’s discuss the key points and differences that we make to help students achieve their dream of graduating from NLUs and other top law colleges in India and make a bright future for themselves.  

Subject Analysis for Easy Learning

We have a team of experienced professionals, law school alumni, ex-law school faculty, aptitude test trainers, subject experts, and research associates. This makes a robust team to develop new ideas that can innovate the way students learn. We analyze every subject and its curriculum specifically to ensure that students can understand concepts and prepare for them quickly. 

Below are some of our program modules:

  • How to learn words
  • How to improve your speed
  • Accelerate Maths calculations
  • Mastering LR skills

Expert Teachers and Mentors

Students get to learn from the most experienced teachers and a wide variety of law admission professionals. Law Prep is an initiative by a team of highly qualified and vastly experienced pros including law school alumni, ex-law school faculties, aptitude test trainers, subject experts, and research associates. 

Together, we aim to exceed the expectations of all the law aspirants by preparing them to score high in CLAT and make them through the law entrance exam. 

Result-Driven Law Coaching 

With the dedication of students added to the quality resources, CLAT study material, experienced teachers, and smart techniques, Law Prep students crack the CLAT exam every year. 

In 2020, two of our students made it to the top 10 merits of the CLAT, with AIR 2 and AIR 7. We ensure that students get everything they need to top the exam and our students reach their goals. 

Up-to-date Study Material and Content

We provide the latest and updated CLAT courses, designed and revised as per the new examination patterns. The full study material includes concept learning modulus, CLAT preparation books, and many more essential resources.

Mock tests play a crucial role in CLAT preparation. For better and strong preparation that can help students crack the exam, mock tests help analyze the level of preparation, find weak points, and work accordingly to perform better.

On that front, Law Prep provides a full-length CLAT mock test series designed by subject experts and professionals with the type of questions that appear in a real exam. The mock tests are available for multiple law entrance exams, including CLAT, AILET, etc. 

Availability All Over India

To reach more and more law students across the country, Law Prep Tutorial has 10+ law entrance coaching centres in India. The goal is to bring quality law coaching to everyone in the most convenient way. You can join Law Prep coaching in Bangalore, Ranchi, Patna, Indore, Bilaspur, Prayagraj, Muzaffarpur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bhopal, Dehradun, and Lucknow.

Personal Guidance and Consultation

Along with the regular study and hard work, students also need consultation and personal guidance about the law entrance exam, law schools, and answers to many whats, hows, and when. Keeping that in mind, Law Prep Tutorial provides complete guidance students need to reach their goals. 

The competition is only increasing for the law entrance exams. Conventional methods of studying and learning are not highly efficient. To address that, we have designed the course structure and contents in a way to make students comfortable with speed and accuracy. The unique feature of our course is that it is powered by easy, unique, and innovative learning ideas.

Wrapping Up:

CLAT is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and highly competitive exams in the country. To crack it, you need to work hard, choose the CLAT coaching wisely, study strategically with the latest and quality study material, and practice as many mock tests as you can. At Law Prep Tutorial, we have taken care of all these and additional aspects. This is how we make a difference in guiding our students for success.

Author: GauravVirendraAgrawal& author is Managing Partner of Law Prep Tutorial & can be contacted as [email protected]

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Author is also Managing Partner of Law Prep Tutorial (Platform for CLAT aspirants)
Gaurav Virendra Agrawal
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