Sohail Khan and Seema Khan file for divorce After 24 Years Of Marriage

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Sohail Khan’s marriage to Seema Khan has reached a breaking point, as the two have filed for divorce today. They were seen departing separately outside the Mumbai family court.

“Sohail Khan and Seema Sachdev were present in the court today,” a source from the family court told ETimes. They’ve decided to divorce. Both were pleasant to each other.’

On the fourth level of the family court complex, Seema and Sohail were present. They appeared before Judge Maqdoom to complete the verification process for their divorce filing. They have yet to make a formal announcement about their split.

Sohail and Seema have two children, Nirvaan and Yohan, whom they married in 1998. There were reports in 2017 that the couple was on the verge of divorce. Seema and Sohail were seen living apart in the show ‘The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives,’ with their children shuttled between the two homes. The performance added fuel to the fire that the two were not living together.

Seema had commented in one of the show’s sequences regarding her relationship with Sohail, “It’s just that as you get older, your relationships tend to meander and diverge in unexpected ways. I make no apologies because we are content and my children are content. Sohail and I are not married in the traditional sense, but we are a family. We work as a team. At the end of the day, it’s about him, myself, and our kids.”

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