Special on the eve of Swami Vivekanand’s Birth Anniversary

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A Literary Musical Show by Swar Sansar & Sangeet Natak Academi  On the occasion of Birthday anniversary of Swami Vivekanand

 January 12, 2022,  ’Swar Sansar Welfare & Cultural Society’ (SSWCS) in association with ‘Sangeet Natak Academi’ (SNA), supported by ‘RS Visional Panorama (RSVP) and ‘Jan Sewa Samiti’ presented a semi classical musical show in the SNA auditorium Meghdoot III, Mandi House, New Delhi.

The show was based on One Composer & One Poet theme under which all 18 songs presented in the function were penned by Dr Raajeev Shrivaastav and composed by Pt Vishwa Prakash. Right from ‘Saraswati Vandana’ and songs such as Geet, Ghazal, Nazm including ‘Shiv-Parwati’ dance song with solo & duets were enjoyed by one & all presented in the auditorium premises.

Songs rendered by Ms Ishika Malhotra, the youngest singer had a special spark with the fresh folk touch in her voice. On the other hand well experienced singer Astha Udinia’s had a special texture in her voice which attracted the people most. Singer Krutika Shrivastava’s from Bhopal renditions had a beautiful varieties. The mood & feel were lovely and full of emotions.

Similarly well known singer Yateesh Acharya had a wonderful depth in his voice and his singing pattern is close to legendary Mehndi Hasan, mesmerized the audiences. Duets by Krutika-Yateesh had a special tuning and companionship feel which were liked & loved by the music lovers most. Odissi dance by Ms Shambhavi Mahesh under the direction of her Gurus Panchanan Bhuyan & Priyambada Samantray was found extra ordinary. The dance song was composed and sung by Pt Vishwa Prakash. At the end of the function sad song presented by Pt Vishwa Prakash himself was a master piece

As Master of Ceremony Mr Kishor Kaushal with his literary in-puts had a special appreciations. Musicians Satish Pathak (Flute), Yatindra Vaid (Sitar), Mohit Raj (Tabla), Dharmesh (Octapad) & Prafulla Mangaraj (Pakhawaj) were excellent.

Such literary-musical performances are rare now a days. In the critical corona conditions, the way people had shown their interest in this semi classical light music program is the sign of good taste and better future aspect in the years to come. The complete show has been covered/ recorded by Delhi Doordarshan and will be shown soon with prior information. A good event always provides a better opportunity to all concern.

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