Sridhar Bodapati: Founder of a rapidly evolving e-learning platform, “EdQueries”

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An e-learning platform EdQueries, that started with the efforts of just one, today, has audience not only in India, but also in countries like, America.

Dr. Sridhar Bodapati, the founder of EdQueries, went into the branch of healthcare IT, after completing his study in pediatrics. He has been into making software for healthcare related purposes and has worked on various software for doctors, pharmaceutical companies etc. It was after gaining experience from these companies that he decided to start his own venture in the field of education, where he could build a useful software.

Today, while there are several online learning platforms, the requirements of children and adults with special needs have not been addressed.  Being very passionate about education, Dr.Sridhar leveraged his medical and IT skills, to build a learning platform for children and adults with special needs. Working with consultant special educators and designers, and with the feedback of parents and teachers he started building educational games and live worksheets. ‘Learning with fun’ with gamified content is the ethos of

Today, it’s been more than three years that they have been developing educational content, primarily for children with special needs. Apart from English, Maths, Science and Hindi concepts, Life skills and Communication skills are also included in this large library of educational content.

With people realizing the importance and reliability of their content, the EdQueries team has started developing content for all types of audience. They have received multiple positive feedbacks from parents as well as teachers, which has been the source of their motivation.

Today, several adults with multiple disabilities use their software to learn pre-vocational skills. With the help of their software, such individuals can learn the basics of running their own small businesses. Apart from this, the software has also been used by a major national institute during the pandemic to enable the individuals complete their education of pre-vocational skills.

In the words of Dr. Sridhar, ” Talking about diversified needs in the field of special education, each child is different and has different requirements. Therefore, we are trying to make a library of educational games and live worksheets, which can be used by everyone. They are simple and distraction free and motivate children to seek learning.”

Along with adding a fun part to their content, they balance their programs so that do not lose their educational value. They break down the topic into short segments and for each segment th ey build a variety of educational games and worksheets.

EdQueries also has a classroom feature, where a teacher can choose the content, which is to be sent to each student, following which they get a report of the student on their screen. Thus, teachers can provide fun homework or blend EdQueries material in their online/offline class to ensure that their students are attentive and enjoying the lesson.

Overall, EdQueries is a platform that makes education a fun task by offering students educational content in the form of games and not general lectures. Here, the key feature is that multiple attempts are allowed for every game or worksheet activity, which has no time limit and is mobile friendly.

Being an online platform, they continuously try to enhance it by adding more features and educational content to it. Today, they have more than a thousand games on the platform and are looking forward to adding more. EdQueries makes the task easier for the teacher as well as the student.

“The real victory is when the child himself/herself demands educational content”, said Dr. Sridhar.

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