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Motivation to start this career

Sumit Shrivastava, Founder & CEO of Promotive Digital Solutions which is considered as the Best Digital marketing & SAAS company in India, has a dream to be in IT Business since he was in college. But to start a business in modern days has not been that easy as it was before. With handful knowledge of industry, Investment & operations, there were some other major tasks especially to be confident towards your work. Thus, he decided to have a practical exposure for a few years and then jump into business. So he worked for 4+ years in an IT company and headed the country for a company in Dubai in his last job, after coming back from Dubai in August 2019. He then decided to start the company and hence on 15th, November he started it.

Workforce then and now engaged with his company

Sumit Shrivastava started this company alone and later after 3 months as his biggest backbone and full support his twin brother joined him into the company and handled all the technically concerned aspects of the company. Recently, they are combined working as a team including for more than 24+ people. Within the process of continuously hiring the man power for the company, they were looking to be a team for more than 50+ at least by the end of this year.

Kinds of struggles and barriers faced by Sumit Shrivastava during his journey

The biggest challenge they faced was very common to the problem faced by every business as well as job aspect and that is ‘the LOCKDOWN’ due to pandemic. The time they initially started the operations Lockdown phase-1 was proposed by government of almost every state and all the work was being done mainly by the aspects of ‘work from home’ and all the operations while sitting at home was the toughest time to take over. After the entire aforementioned situation, their growth and establishment in the market happened that year only.

Company’s turnover

The first year of the company, they have been fortunate to make a turnover of around 45+ Lacs. And as per in the respective 2nd year they were expecting for almost 3X, but they have already achieved this target as with the last year turnover within the first 5 months of this year.

Investment status of the company

Sumit Shrivastavastarted this business with 0 investments. Although he managed to make his investment to excel the business, the investment to start the business was ZERO.

Success story of Promotive Digital Solutions

The basic analysis of Digital Marketing Company running in India shows the standard growth of 10-25%, Although PDS has more than 350+ clients in the 1st year of existence and 750+ clients in 1.6 years of existence. Now the company is expanding and converting into a group of companies which is going to have 4 subsidiaries company under:

  1. Own CRM Software.
  2. Placement agency. (Temporary staffing)
  3. PDS (IT Company)
  4. Digital Marketing Institute.


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