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Since the day the pandemic started, China has been allegedly blamed as western politicians tried to find an easy way to assign responsibility for the public health calamity in their countries. There are theories which claim that the virus was man-made in a Chinese laboratory. The argument built around this topic is that China should be blamed for the pandemic not only because it was first discovered there and a cluster of cases were formed but also because of the initial mishandling of the outbreak which led to the spreading of coronavirus beyond China. It is also indicated that the presence of Covid 19 cases in Europe predated the outbreak of virus in the central Chinese city of Wuhan which contradicts the theory of the pandemic starting in China. Other analyses on coronavirus- positive blood samples in Europe indicate that China was not the main source of virus outbreak. It feeds doubts into the theory that China is responsible for the virus and is supposed to be blamed. Without taking these possibilities into consideration, these publications have sparked anger among Chinese netizens. There are many articles that supported China and claimed that even if the virus originated in a certain country, the country should not be blamed or looked down upon because of one mistake, that will be harsh and inhuman. Some countries did insist that China acted with transparency and responsibility in it’s fight against Covid 19. China certainly mishandled the information about the virus but the U.S. government did that too. Despite all the evidence and Wuhan lockdown, the U.S. downplayed the threat and failed to understand the seriousness of the situation which led to unpreparedness and the spread of disease. In conclusion, China should not be the only country to blame and we should stop spreading hate towards them or any country for that matter and support everyone and pray for everyone’s health.

About the author Kanika Gupta
Grade 12th –
Mussorrie International School

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