Story of Hustles and Achievements of Diksha Chhabra, a renowned fitness influencer

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From weighing over 100 kgs, struggling with breathlessness after walking a short distance, depressed and under confident to now weighing around 60kgs, deadlifting 100 kgs, happy and healthy, Diksha’s surreal fitness journey is one of true grit, determination and passion.

The wife of an army man, mother of an eleven-year-old son, Second-runner up of Mrs. Earth 2017, Mrs Body Fit 2017, social media influencer and a fitness guru who has trained over 300 men and women across the globe, is an inspiration to many but had her own fair share of struggles. A progressive and fearless woman when it comes to training and in every aspect of her life, she is an epitome of an Atma-Nirbhar Naari.

Belonging to a traditional joint Punjabi family, Diksha juggled household chores with her job and taking care of a then four-year-old son. With so much to keep up with, Diksha often neglected her own health while paying heed to her responsibilities. She began putting on weight drastically which she blamed on her lifestyle and stress eating. But over time she realized that she wasn’t even eating as much that can lead to her weight fluctuating in the 90s range.

She eventually became a victim of body shaming where even her own friends pounced on her saying “Fulti hi jaa rahi hai tu!”. At 29 years of age Diksha felt extremely underconfident and was depressed due to her body weight. Once an athlete and an NCC Cadet, the change in her body was putting her down as even walking a 2kms would make her breathless. Later she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and PCOD which was a wake-up call that led to her taking charge of her lifestyle.

Misleading and vague information regarding the right way to reach body goals led to numerous failed attempts. Hence, she decided to get certification in the field of nutrition and exercise sciences to device herself customised plans and achieve her fitness goals.

Diksha has continuously challenged the cliches and the contemporary image of an Indian woman. In the field predominated by men, it was not easy to promote weight-training among women, hence, she started logging her physical transformation & how she trains through social media platforms to change the perspective surrounded by myths. What started as a passion has now become a full-fledged business in the span of two years with approx 400 % growth, many media coverages and renowned motivational speaker in prestigious public platforms. She is now inspiring more men and women to be a better and fitter version of themselves through her start-up which provides customised Health solutions world-wide.

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