String Bio – Inspiring, Exciting & Challenging journey of Dr. Ezhil Subbian

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String Bio is an innovation driven company, working at the intersection of biology, engineering and chemistry to provide sustainable solutions to real world problems.

In conversation with the multitalented Dr. Ezhil Subbian, Co-founder & CEO of String Bio.

Q1. What is the idea behind String Bio?

Ans. After finishing my PhD in the US and working with multiple start ups in the field of biotechnology, I had some ideas that I wanted to explore on my own. String was started in the US and then we moved operations to India. At String, we are working to bring sustainable products to market in terms of what we are consuming. There is a clear alternative market emerging to address the requirement of protein for humans and animals.. With growing population, there is a demand for 70% more food and we`re developing products to address this demand

Q2. What is so unique about the innovations at String Bio?

Ans. Fermentation has been used by mankind for eons. String’s unique platform is to enable the use of gaseous feedstocks as fermentation raw material.

Q3. What are the drivers behind String Bio?

Ans. We are leveraging advances in biology, engineering and chemistry to bring sustainable products to market. We are in the business of manufacturing ingredients for animal nutrition, agriculture, human nutrition and personal care sectors. We are one of the leaders in gas fermentation and help produce high quality ingredients.

Q4. What is the best quality about String?

Ans. Our team is our strongest point, who bring diverse expertise from different disciplines. We have exciting sustainable solutions which are backed by deep science. Our robust technology can have a huge positive impact on the eco-system and enable cleaner ways of living

Q5. What were the challenges faced in establishing String?

Ans. It has been a rather exciting and challenging journey for us. We’ve overcome hurdles in many aspects in terms of technology, team building, capital raise etc. The bio-tech space in the Indian context has seen huge momentum and significant development in the last 5 years. We still have further ways to go.

Q6. What is the ultimate goal for String?

Ans. Our ultimate goal is three fold. Firstly, adoption of our products in various sectors both in India and globally. Secondly, being able to create true impact on the environment with the help of our solutions. Lastly, to be able to leverage technology advances and continue to build on the core platform

Q7. What are the different ways in which you are trying to add value to the society?

Ans. Our products provide tremendous value to the society.

Our impact is in enabling safe, organic and natural options and to enable localized manufacturing that provides economically competitive alternatives. 

Q8. Was it your childhood dream to become an entrepreneur?

Ans. No. I always wanted to work at the intersection of biology and engineering and do meaningful work. To be able to work in the area of science that I am passionate about and also create meaningful impact in society is quite rewarding.

Q9. How do you measure success?

Ans. Success differs from individual to individual. I believe you`re successful when you are able to perform and deliver beyond your potential. String also driven with the same ethos – to deliver beyond its`s highest potential.

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