Studies prove couples raising a dog together are meant to be more ‘happier and stronger’

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Have you ever met a dog and not be happy? Dogs and even more so, puppies are a great source of fun, entertainment and happiness for us. We also have trained dogs to protect us, protect our cattle, help us emotionally and as support systems too. A lot of research has also proved that dogs makes us more happier as compared to meeting new people. They teach us to be responsible as taking care of dog is no simple ordeal. A study conducted by BarkBox found that 71% of people found they were more happy when around dogs. 80% even found that it was easier for them to wake up, as their dogs greeted them early in the morning, which helped them get awake gently. This also made their mood happy throughout the day. It was also found that dogs really helped people go through troubled times, people who were going through divorce, breakups, or were mourning the deaths of their loved ones found that dogs helped them survive the tough times easily. Dogs also made their owners athletic and have better fitness. This was due to the fact that, dogs are quite energetic themselves and it almost always inspires their owners to workout. In all, these all traits help their owners personal and professional life. Dogs also helps our body release, oxytocin which makes us more calmer and trusting. When in a relationship all these traits are quite helpful, they help form a deep helpful bond between the partners. Moreover, they make us more trustworthy and allow us to share our emotions better.

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