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Google Maps have become quintessential in the modern day, as it not only helps us navigate but also provide other relevant data about traffic, businesses nearby, etc. The lockdown and pandemic have wreaked havoc especially on small businesses and, Google Maps can come to the rescue. Here are some ways you can use Google Maps to help these businesses thrive –

Update data – Business owners may not have time or resources to keep the information about their business updated, especially during these trying times. If you see a shop opened recently, update its status on the Google Map to help others.

Review and Rate – Try to rate and review whatever business you visit, as rating and review help both the customers and owners, owners can improve on mistakes while other customers can take better decisions on where to spend their time and money.

Try online class – Many yoga studios, art classes, tuitions have started online classes due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can take advantage of Google Maps to join them and learn new skills in your free time. Not to forget you’ll also be helping the businesses earn some money in this economically hard times.

Donate – You can use Google Maps to help search for businesses that need extra help like NGOs in these times. You can donate money too through the Google Maps.

Make reservations – Try to make reservations early, especially during these times as it will help both the owners and other customers to get a better arrangement from the whole situation. Not to mention the owner can plan social distancing arrangements well.

Order a takeout – While many bars and restaurants are closed, they still offer home delivery. Ordering take outs is easy too as restaurants can easily mention the whole menus and prices on Google Maps.

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