Sustainable fashion with Palison

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Idea of Palison

Clothing has indeed become more disposable these days, and it is generating tons of waste every year. The fashion industry’s impact on our planet is immense and it is the second-largest polluting industry globally. Middle of many rolled-up sleeves, late-night discussions, and steely determination, the Palison was born.

Mission and aim of their sustainable work

Their mission is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone. As a business, they are working to do their part as by promoting the ethical practices that would create a high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting products. They always consider their fabrics and materials carefully and work with a motive of reducing as much waste, chemicals, and plastics as possible so that they in any way do not jeopardize the planet’s ecosystems.

Principles of their work

They work for progress by practicing these 4 major principles:

  1. Organic & Natural Materials:

They only choose fabrics that care for the environment so that people and the planet are not exposed to any kind of harmful pesticides. By using organic fabrics and materials and non-toxic dyes, both the customers as well as the planet stay safe and protected always.

  • Ethical Practices:

Palison even ensure a safe working space with a fair living wage by offering their employee some necessary perks like health care facilities. Everyone in their supply chain is always treated with respect and must make responsible choices when it comes to carbon emissions, water use, and chemical use.

  • No To Plastic:

Team at Palison always understand the fact that plastics are the worst element and damages environment on high rate and that’s why they don’t use plastic on their labels and use biodegradable/recyclable methods for packaging. Their hemp T-shirt only uses 2% spandex which is significantly made with much less synthetic fibers than as a typical T-shirt.

  • Made In India

Palison believe in the local communities and support the entire garment for workers, artisans and craftsmen. They also encourage the women from less privileged backgrounds to acquire much new skills and to give them a self-confidence and self-esteem required to earn on their own.

Encouragement for Palison

The CEO of Palison began the idea for this company after his completing graduation in BBA interning at an export house. Later on, he joined his father’s business where they manufacture denim. After having gained some of the valuable experience in this industry he get to know the harsh reality of the industry and process of work and what goes behind while making a garment and how much waste the industry is generating. He at first got shocked when get to know that it takes 7600L of water to make single denim. Therefore, at Palison they are developing hemp denim which will take for about 60% less water than what actually normal denim takes.

Team engagement in Palison

They have a denim manufacturing unit that his father started for around 20 years ago. He is currently working and learning the ideals of this industry with him and he has been in a constant support with this sustainable journey. Palison is not complete without his sister, Garima Pal who is also a Co-founder of Palison and works with other natural and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, cotton, linen etc.

Struggles faced and their solutions

Going with the idea of sustainability is not just about greening operations and services, but it is about a lot more things. Actual change will only come when they will get to make a social movement and pressure the authorities to implement change at scale. So far, their corporations are just making nice statements about the need for customers with climate action. Corporates always need to advocate for climate policy and even educate these to their customers and employees.

Initial investment and Turnover for Palison

They at start have invested 10 lakh rupees. Now they are introducing stain repellant garments that needs testing. Therefore, they are still in the prototype stage. Also, they have launched their women’s wear section this month. In order to push the sustainability forward, they are always committed in investing for the future and to offer more considerable choices. They also want to grow up a community and show that there are more sustainable ways to live, dress and they would always love their customers to be part of it.

Reach them on their website:

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