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THOZ is run by Zufishan Tehmeen Nizami from Bidar, Karnataka. Launched back in 2013 as a hobby, online clothing business through WhatsApp was not very popular then. A friend in Mumbai introduced Zufishan to online business through Social Media and it caught everyone`s attention.

Today THOZ has grown into a big brand. “It was my passion to design, play with materials, sell and do entire business through Social Media. It is a solid and secure platform. I was able to build trust with my customers and that is when it boomed. Now I am into retailing and wholesaling as well”, says Zufishan.

Importing Abayas from Dubai and shipping worldwide, THOZ is in a never-ending pursuit of the latest and greatest niche brands and are evolving while offering some of the most executive, limited release products. All this, backed by personalized customer service you can count on.

THOZ offers a dizzying array of the brightest colours and fun patterns, ranging from Rs 500 to Rs.50 lakh. A clothing label that makes contemporary designs with western silhouettes in quality fabrics at an affordable price, THOZ has it all! With luxury and bridal collections, the premium brand has a vast variety of classics and elegant clothing.

As a brand, the primary issue was getting people to accept that clothes could be purchased online through Whatsapp. To enable acceptance, we organised faster shipping schedules, provided both ethnic and modern wear in all standardised sizes,” Zufishan expands. “But as an entrepreneur, there’s often the worry about how to balance market demands with your own design sensibility. It’s important to be aware of trends, but we have our own take on it.” 

Zufishan believes, “A dream by itself is not enough. It’s important not to jump on to the bandwagon, but instead to plan your way forward. You need to have grit and the will to work through problems.”

Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” – Vivienne Westwood

Come to THOZ for all your shopping needs!

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