The Laughing Ghosts- Feminism with a Smack of Self-Identity and Tempering of Thrill

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Book Review

The Laughing Ghosts- Salvation of the Slaved Spirits

Author- Dr. Nidhi Sahore

Publisher- Blue Rose Publishers

Language- English, Edition- Paper Back

Print Length- 134 Pages, Price- Rs. 180/-

Category- Contemporary Fiction

Available for Sale at- Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues

Theme of the Book

The book is about forthcoming Meenu’s reminiscences of her growing up experiences with her friends in the neighbourhood and with cousins on summer holidays. As she realizes the vulnerabilities of being a girl she sets on the path to seek the goals of self preservation and freedom to ultimately find her own truth.

Gist of the Story

The Laughing Ghosts is a realization of the self for Meenu, poised to find her own truth of ghosts believed to be meandering around and looking up to her to reveal their side of the story. A stray incidence of violence in the vicinity of grown up Meenu, a mother of two children pushes her to reflect upon her joyous childhood which she shared with her neighborhood friends and cousins only to realize that even in those nascent years of her life women around her were suffering however she did find an answer and carried a learning which was kept reserved to her.

Each time in her quest as a little girl to find an anchor in a woman from her surroundings to help her identify the very purpose of her existence led to their sad and untimely demise.  Not ready to be a slave to the belief of the society attaching a meager and humble purpose to the existence of women i.e. to only live for others, she tries to find her own answers to the questions which no one cared to ask.

Eventually she gathered the strength to face the reality with the help of goals of self -preservation and salvation by looking around and seeking solace from the stories of challenges faced by women very close to her like her grandmother, mother and aunts. That made her harbor the value that it is important to step back and consciously quit to gather the strength to withstand the eventualities of life.

Message and Moral

The ghosts of the guilt haunt only the slaved souls but cannot withstand an indomitable spirit that is determined to find its own truth; rather they stand by it to be a part of the laughter of triumph and salvation. Therefore in the situations of self- doubt and enigma the inevitable reflections from the past help to purposefully connect with the present to find your own answers. This lesson was true then and shall continue to be the truth.

An important take away from the book is that in the situations of self doubt and enigma the inevitable reflections from the past help to purposefully connect with the present to find one’s own answers. At times it is important to step back and consciously quit to gather the strength to withstand the eventualities of life.

A determined soul who is ready to take up the challenge to ask the forbidden questions, seeks the truth and ultimately salvation and freedom of its slaved spirit just the like the way little Meenu and her cousins found theirs in this story.

Review- Definitely a Good Read

This book is having a unique theme and concept that makes it a highly recommended read. The book is excellent in vocabulary, and the language has been designed in such a way that a layman could connect with the characters and the incidents. Thriller and Suspense has been incorporated efficiently, and the sequences keep you engaged till the end. Projection of the lead character is very impressive and the author has successfully presented the theme of feminism with a smack of self-identity and purpose of the life as a whole. Societal beliefs are being questioned, only to brain storm the answers by the readers. The issues are not just raised for a flash, but they long last with you and within you. The minute descriptions tend you to imagine the scene with more perfection and give you a picturesque experience while reading. Story keeps you involved throughout and symbolic presentation makes it more adventurous and astonishing.

About the Author

Dr. Nidhi Sahore has twelve years of teaching experience and has been teaching in the area of Accounting and Management. Her areas of interest are Indian Financial System & institutions and Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring. Her area of research is Corporate Disclosures and Financial Performance. She has published 11 papers and presented 13 papers at national, international and world conferences (including Pan IIM and Pan IIT conferences) held at IIM Bangalore, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Ahemdabad.

She has received Jagdish N. Seth best PhD thesis Award in April 2019 at BIMTECH’s 31st Convocation, Greater Noida. She also got listed in the Uletktz Wall of Fame of ‘Most Promising Educators in Higher Education across India” in 2019.

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