The Magic of Indian TV with Sehban Azim

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Sehban Azim, is your classic television hero. In this fun but educational conversation, he talks about what it takes to act in Indian television, and how it differs from the big screen. The art and the adoration of Indian television is intense, and Sehban through his multiple roles has managed to carve an extremely special place in the hearts of classic Indian families.
In this episode we talk about the stigmatisation of TV, its use as a stepping stone to Bollywood and how the craft of acting in classic Indian shows actually works.

For anybody even slightly fascinated by content and media, this episode is a must watch. There is so much we can learn from a journey like his!

Watch his video here:

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2 thoughts on “The Magic of Indian TV with Sehban Azim

  1. This was an awesome conversation, it could’ve been longer, bcoz Sehban has so much to talk and it’s great listening to him, he”s poetic full of wisdom, let’s have one more round.

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