The Misfit Prose – The Haven for Artists

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An artists can be anybody – a writer, singer, actor, poet, artist, entertainer, producer, craftsman, painter, or anything that you want to be. The Misfit Prose is the haven for them all – rising as well as established artists. The Misfit Prose is the one-stop ideal platform for all of the artists’ necessities. They specialize in executing human-centric ideas to assist organizations and individuals and help them to flourish in an associate world.

The Misfit Prose’s History

In the beginning, it was just their respected co-founder, Ms. Muskan Sharma and Mr. Raghav Bansal. Ms. Muskan Sharma was the backbone of the organization. She handled everything like PR, Management, marketing, graphics and whatnot. Whereas Mr. Raghav was the one who practised Art. When they combined their passion for art, knack for business, and skills to succeed, they founded The Misfit Prose. Initially, they invested around Rs. 5000 in capital, which has grown substantially in equity over the last year and a half. It has been a wonderful journey since then for the venture.

After that, they grew as they hired interns from various colleges and some of them became core team members and are still with them today. They have had more than 400 interns in multiple roles like marketing, content writing, graphic designing, public relations, human resources and more. Since they are a non-profit organization, there isn’t anything like a turnover. Yet, the venture is functioning efficiently and excellently.

The Misfit Prose – A Beacon of Freedom

The members at The Misfit Prose claim that they are too complicated to even think about fitting in this world, so they make their own. They know that an artist’s voice can echo through time. Their music and art are waiting to be heard. They acknowledge that small steps of their clients can shake the world, and the world is prepared to see them perform and conquer. The Misfit Prose are always ready to perceive how well their customers act and let their inner-selves free on the stage.

Qualified Team

Mr Raghav Bansal is the founder of The Misfit Prose. He is currently pursuing his MBA from GLIM, Chennai. A natural leader, he has always led the team and ensured the growth of the venture as well as the team members.

Ms. Shreya Jain is the Marketing and HR Manager at The Misfit Prose. She is an MBA aspirant and hails from Bilaspur, UP. She inculcates the values of a perfect lady and inspires all the members to improve and learn.

Outstanding Services

The Misfit Prose is energetic for composing, planning, advertising and offering assistance to ventures in their inaugural stages as well as Prestigious MNCs. Their professional team consistently involves everybody with their stunning range of abilities to deliver customized service under all circumstances as they follow a strict regime and uphold the interest of their clients.

Wonderful services provided by The Misfit Prose

  • Event management
  • Event planning
  • Corporate Events

The Misfit Prose has successfully created an entirely different universe for an artist who may/may not be bounded by the subjectively controlled ideas of “normal”. They provide potential outcomes made for their clients as they understand that their creativity makes the world a better place.

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  1. Prawdziwy z Ciebie talent i mistrz pióra z ogromną łatwością przekładasz myśli na słowa… trzymaj tak dalej, dbaj i pięlęgnuj swego bloga… Czym się inspirujesz na codzień ? skad czerpiesz pomysły na wpisy ?

  2. Prawdziwy z Ciebie talent i mistrz pióra z ogromną łatwością przekładasz myśli na słowa… trzymaj tak dalej, dbaj i pięlęgnuj swego bloga… Skąd czerpiesz tak ciekawe inspiracje ?

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