Thriftiness: The dream completed!

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New Delhi based Ashna Chand had big hopes of bringing fashion to people’s doorsteps at an affordable cost. She was inspired to help people create their dream closets as she truly believed that our clothes have the power to create solid change.

The result; Thriftiness: an Indian Thrift Store that combines fashion with sustainability to deliver people the clothes they desire. Ashna Chand is a fashion enthusiast and the sole owner of Thriftiness, which sells budget-friendly clothes and works through her website and her Instagram account by the same name. 

Before Ashna decided to pursue her true passion for sustainable fashion, she worked at a 9-to-5 desk job which she resigned from last year. She had a stable job, and she earned better at her job than what she earns currently from Thriftiness per month, but she nevertheless decided to go ahead with her independent business venture.

Thriftiness is what Ashna always wanted to do, and she took a brave step and decided to make it her full-time profession. Thriftiness makes her feel complete and happy, because she is finally following her true passion, and for her, that is worth more than a desk job that didn’t excite her. 

Ashna credits her family and friends for their belief and support towards her venture, but when it comes to business. She set up Thrifitiness from scratch, alone. She singlehandedly has been managing the online thrift store, from its financing and marketing to its social media handling and support care system. She built up Thriftiness because she was passionate about building something of her own and create a difference, and she claims this small business to be one of the best decisions she has ever made in life. 

An independent business does not come without its challenges, and being the sole caretaker of the store, Ashna had to face a lot of struggles before establishing her business firmly. She had to go through a rough time without making a sale, and all her marketing strategies failed her continuously. Ashna fought the battle to save her venture alone and decided to not give up on her dream. She updated her strategies and worked harder to increase the online presence of her thrift store. She also believes that when you complete a task with utmost passion and concentration, there is no barrier that can stop you from succeeding.

Thriftiness is a brainchild of Ashna’s dream to infuse fashion with sustainability, and her online store provides both thrifted and new clothes to the customers. Thrifting goes against the fast and ever-changing trends that have engulfed the fashion industry and instil sustainable fashion habits without costing too much. She strongly believes in the concept of thrifting and is passionate to provide the best fashion for all at cheap prices. Her Instagram account has over 25k followers who support her business and help in expanding her online reach.

Today, Ashna Chand is a happy and independent businesswoman who has finally managed to establish a strong venture. She started Thriftiness with her passion and an investment of only 500 Rs. and what began as a small business venture has now finally taken off. She is very proud of her thrift store and her job. In the last four months, Ashna’s store has made more than 400 sales and satisfied many customers. This positive response from her followers inspires her to work harder and make Thriftiness a bigger success, and she is immensely grateful for the love and support that her faithful followers have showered her with throughout the country. 

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