Two Kashmiri women bags position in Biden’s Cabinet

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Joe Biden is ready to take his charge as 46th U.S.A president on January 20, his cabinet has been popularly praised as the “most diverse ever in history”.

Biden set the first example by choosing Kamala Harris for the Vice President candidate who is also happen to be half Black and half Indian, will become the first ever woman Vice President of America.

Harris is not the only high-ranking member of Biden’s cabinet to be drawn from minority communities.

For Indian-Americans alone there have been at least 20 nominees or appointees, 13 of which are women.

Two of them with top positions are Neera Tanden and Dr Vivek Murthy.

For the first time ever two Indian-Americans who have their roots with Kashmir: Aisha Shah and Sameera Fazili.

Aisha Shah is apartnership Manager at the White House Office of Digital Strategy. Whereas Sameera Fazili to occupy the position of Deputy Director at the US National Economic Council (NEC).

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