U.P Government launched new initiative to give employment in small cities

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The government of Uttar Pradesh is going to take big steps to give employment to the people of the state. Now the government is going to open Urban Livelihood Centers in small cities as well. These centres are to be opened under the National Urban Livelihood Mission. The concerned directorate is also making full preparations for this work.

 Workers will get employment from the livelihood centre. These centres will open in cities with less than a 5 lakh population. Till now, there was a provision to open centres only in cities with the municipal corporation.

It is believed that when these centres open, people will get job opportunities even in small cities and migration to big cities will be stopped.

According to the information, the CLC will start from those cities with a municipal corporation, whose population is more than 5 lakhs. Following the instructions of the Center, a proposal is being prepared to open CLC in bodies with less than 5 lakh and more than 1 lakh population. After the opening of these CLCs, training will also be arranged in small towns and people will get employment on the same basis.

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