Uttar Pradesh Ministers and MLAs Benefit from High-Level AI Capacity Building Workshop

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: In a bid to harness the transformaBve potenBal of arBficial intelligence (AI), approximately 270 ministers and MLAs from various departments of the U/ar Pradesh government gathered in Lucknow for an intensive AI capacity building workshop. Spearheaded by renowned global AI expert, Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Chief Corporate Affairs and Public Policy Officer at InMobi, the workshop aimed to equip officials with the necessary knowledge and tools to integrate AI into governance effecBvely.
In her address, Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Global SVP, Chief Corporate Affairs and Public Policy Officer, InMobi said, “AI has transformaBve powers and will revoluBonize every sector and it is important to understand its importance, its applicaBons, and the potenBal use cases. For any country to become an economic powerhouse, AI is no longer an opBon, it is an opportunity and a necessity”. She lauded the government’s proacBve stance towards leveraging technology for the welfare of U/ar Pradesh, making Lucknow an AI first city harnessing transformaBve benefits for its ciBzens, ciBng the workshop as a testament to its commitment to progress.
The high level workshop chaired by Shri Suresh Khanna, Hon. Finance Minister and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, was followed by sectoral capacity building sessions. Speaking on the occasion and expressing his delight, Suresh Khanna, Finance and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Government of U/ar Pradesh said, “ArBficial Intelligence is one of the most important innovaBons of our Bme and it is a top priority for our government. It is very important for everybody to learn about this transformaBve technology and build capacity to deal with it. Today, we have a large congregaBon of legislators and ministers for this very important capacity building workshop. With Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, we have a global expert with experience and experBse across digital economy, social media, governance, arBficial intelligence and other emerging technologies. This has been a phenomenal learning experience for everyone. We hope to have more such workshops and conversaBons so that we are able to unlock the enconomic and technological transformaBon of U/ar Pradesh into the growth engine of new India and a hub of innovaBon and talent”.
Dr. Subi Chaturvedi emphasized the significance of AI in revoluBonizing governance and fostering innovaBon across sectors. She stressed the importance of understanding AI’s applicaBons and potenBal use cases, highlighBng the workshop’s role in demonstraBng the government’s commitment to embracing technology for the be/erment of U/ar Pradesh and its people further enhancing good governance and customised local soluBons by using tech for good.
The workshop provided a/endees with invaluable insights into AI fundamentals and its diverse applicaBons relevant to the state’s context across agriculture, educaBon, healthcare, automaBon, benefits for SMEs, finance, skilling, and manufacturing . Discussions also centered on ethical AI frameworks aimed at safeguarding consumer interests and ensuring responsible deployment of AI technologies while creaBng space for innovaBon and disrupBon. Dr. Chaturvedi advocated for the development of inclusive and responsible AI ecosystems, saying, “It is important to develop frameworks like GUARDIAN and AI-SAFE, alongside AI capabiliBes and use cases, to ensure consumer safety and trust. The future of innovaBon has to be inclusive and responsible, meaning that everybody has to be included. AI presents a rare opportunity for everyone to benefit from the transformaBve technology due its use of ease and universality”.

The global AI market is poised for exponenBal growth, with projecBons indicaBng a market size of US$1811.8 billion by 2030. India’s share is expected to reach US$17 billion by 2027, underscoring the immense potenBal for AI to drive economic growth and innovaBon.
About InMobi and Glance:
InMobi, India’s premier ad-tech company and the world’s largest independent unicorn, hosted the workshop. Glance, a subsidiary of the InMobi Group, is a leading AI-driven lock screen soiware, delivering customized content to over 400 million smartphones globally.

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