Varsha: One who visioned building a successful digital family

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Back in 2014, Varsha graduated from high school. Like most of her peers and juniors, she had considered the next big step to be college. She enrolled in Amity University-the prestigious, luxurious university.

But despite taking a banal route of college, Ms.Varsha was different, which was made abundantly clear by graduating from Amity University not as a regular student but as Three Continental Graduation Programme Student. Varsha had left her homey bubble and traveled to other continents for academic purposes by the tender age of 20. These academically oriented solo trips gave her an insight into the workings of the world.

Staying in New York and London taught her to camouflage in different environments, live alone, overcome homesickness, and most of all to find a routine and normality in the alien life of other countries spawned by varying cultures.

The plan and idea

Like the majority of the late-teens population, Varsha not only chose college as a life crutch but also had not wholly laid out her post-college plan.  While she was packing for London and simultaneously mulling over her plans, she consulted her brother. Varsha had two goals in mind-one to be financially independent (something to which my feminist heart says chefs kiss) and second to indeed be happy in the profession she chooses.

Varsha’s elder brother gave her the advice to work in the digital marketing industry. For the 21-year old Varsha, the decision was harsh. You see, digital marketing today is ubiquitous. It is an attractive proposition for many and definitely a guarantee of work.

But back in 2017, digital marketing was new, unheard of, and indeed reluctant to be used for traditional marketing tools like newspaper ads. So Ms.Varsha decided to be pragmatic; she continued with college and then went on to pursue a master’s but was always in touch with digital marketing.

She also did a diploma course on digital marketing to familiarise herself with all aspects of it.

The beginning of something new

Varsha’s father owned an automobile business, and this was where Varsha first practiced. She created graphics and ads and put her diploma course’s information to practical use for her father’s business.

In 2019 she started her own digital marketing company. In 2021, Ms.Varsha has a trusted and skilled team of 15-20 professionals and steady clients from all over the world, especially the advanced West-America, England, etc. Her clients are from a variety of business industries- the fashion industry, automobile industry, fitness industry, e-commerce industry, etc. It is her talent, her trustworthiness, and her professionality that has attracted these clients, one of whom is Carl Street, the competitor of Big Boy Toyz.


Like every self-made businesswoman, Ms.Varsha had her fair share of struggles. Her initial struggles were that of finding clients and finding dedicated co-workers. Varsha only wanted hardworking and dedicated people on her team and so really filtered out the applications for the best ones.

Despite having the easy route of taking the help of her father’s business, Ms.Varsha chooses to overcome hurdles on her own and be successful on her own.

In 2020, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries went into lockdown and with it businesses. The sheer uncertainty and surprise of the pandemic hit Varsha’s business hard, but she worked determinedly towards overcoming this hurdle and boosted her business during the second phase of the lockdown.

Ms.Varsha and her team are trusted and bestowed with important work because they are skilled, trained, and extremely creative. It is their love for their work that has pushed people to hire them for making websites, designing ads, and conversions.

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