Why some Indian tech ventures are building a base in Dubai

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Wi-Fi is everywhere. Earlier we used to meet tourists and artistes from around the world here, now you will bump into techies and VCs. On roads where you wouldn’t have ever imagined bikes, you now see grocery delivery services alongside fancy cars. Online team meetings on zoom are a norm. The rulers are seen as among the biggest patrons of tech ideas, regularly tweeting their support for small tech enterprises and startups.

The biggest attractions are the ease of setting up business, access to world-class infrastructure, lots of investors, no income tax, minimal VAT (value added tax), and proximity to India. And he got his first paying client within a week of setting up the office.

Dubai`s start up has more than 10,000 small and medium firms, and Dubai Internet city has over 1,600 companies and is home to 24,000 professionals. There are also academies to train techies, incubator and accelerator programs. Dubai is also a great launchpad for forays into the Middle East . North Africa and Europe. And given that its home to nationalities from across the globe, selling into distant places like Australia, New Zealand and Latin America are also relatively easy.

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