Zaruri Nahi Ki 2021 Mein…

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By absolutely Shantastic

Dear NewsNowNation viewers, today we all are eager to say goodbye to 2020 and that’s too because of all the good reason. 2020 was the year everyone is going to remember, some lost their jobs while some remained in quarantine away from their loved ones. 2021 feels like a new hope, like we all reborn again after a long hibernation. 2020 taught us what really matters, how social media is an accessory and not a need, how good health is actually a real wealth, how sometimes our plans don’t work out as we want them and yet life continues, how we all were in our home and yet felt prisoned. Lets promise to ourselves that 2021 we will love ourselves, we will love how ever we are. We will not change for the world but improve for our betterment. We will promise to be true to ourselves, accept how we are and when we will love ourselves as we are our love will flow out. We will promise that we will be kind to ourselves in our mind and in our heart. We will promise to have faith in ourselves and hope in future.

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