Empowering the Gavel: The Emergence of Women Justices Reshaping India’s Judiciary


As the world stands at the cusp of International Women’s Day, NewsNowNation in collaboration with Prayagraj’s leading Law Prep Tutorial, spotlights the rising tide of female judges in India’s judiciary. This partnership delves into the heart of a legal revolution, celebrating the achievements of women at the bench and their burgeoning roles as harbingers of justice.

Breaking Through the Judicial Glass Ceiling

The chronicles of India’s legal system have been predominantly male-oriented, but today, a remarkable shift is underway. The historical underrepresentation of women in the judiciary is being steadily dismantled, paving the way for an increasingly gender-balanced legal landscape. As we step into International Women’s Day week, it’s time to reflect on and cheer the significant strides made by women in the Indian judiciary.

A New Era in the Supreme Court and High Courts

The Supreme Court, since 1989, has seen only 11 women among its judges, a number that, though modest, is growing. Presently, Justices Hima Kohli, Bela Trivedi, and BV Nagarathna are among the luminaries serving on the bench, out of the 33 Supreme Court judges. This progress is mirrored in the High Courts, where concerted efforts are being made to bolster the representation of women, thus fortifying the judicial commitment to equality and diversity.

Expanding Horizons for Women in the Legal Sector

The legal profession is witnessing a paradigm shift with more women entering the arena as lawyers, judges, legal advisors, consultants, and researchers. This shift not only signifies a broader spectrum of career opportunities for women but also illustrates the legal system’s evolution towards greater inclusivity and balanced perspectives.

Law Prep Tutorial’s Scholarship Initiative for Aspiring Female Legal Minds

In the spirit of International Women’s Day and to further promote the role of women in the judiciary, Prayagraj’s Law Prep Tutorial is proud to announce the offering of one hundred scholarships to aspiring female legal professionals. This initiative aims to empower women with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in the field of law and to champion the cause of justice.

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As we honor the increasing presence of women in the Indian judiciary, it is essential to continue nurturing an ecosystem that encourages and supports women in the field of law. NewsNowNation and Law Prep Tutorial stand dedicated to illuminating these stories of transformation and motivating the next wave of women jurists.

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