Indian Startups Revolutionize Holi with Eco-Friendly Practices


Indian D2C brands are offering a wide range of eco-conscious Holi products, from custom gift boxes to non-toxic colors, reflecting a shift towards sustainability and health consciousness.

The celebration of Holi, known for its vibrant colors, has evolved significantly over the years, driven by Indians’ growing preference for organic and environmentally friendly products.

This shift, although underway before the Covid-19 pandemic, has been accelerated by increased health and environmental awareness following the global crisis.

Indian direct-to-consumer (D2C) startups have played a crucial role in facilitating this transition, catering to the rising demand for eco-friendly and sustainable Holi essentials.

These startups offer a diverse range of products, including custom gift boxes filled with vegan chocolates, non-toxic colors derived from natural ingredients like turmeric and flower petals, and certified skin-friendly options.

Notable startups leading in this space include, All Naturals, Antarkranti, Arsian (OrgaQ), Bigsmall, Earth Inspired, Ferns N Petals,, Kapiva, My Pooja Box, Nirmalaya, Organic Harvest, Two Brothers Organic Farms, and YesMadam, among others.

Additionally, major e-commerce platforms like Bigbasket, Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra also offer access to these eco-conscious products.

With Holi approaching, let’s explore how Indian organic startups are enhancing the joy of this colorful festival.

Certified Skin-Friendly Colors

This Holi, many organic brands are offering herbal and natural colors made from ingredients like dried flower petals, food-safe colors, corn starch, turmeric, neem, maize, saffron, marigold, and palash., a prominent startup in this domain, focuses on a circular economy by transforming floral waste into charcoal-free luxury incense products, gulal, and wellness items.

Apurv Misal, Head of Marketing and Sales at, highlights their commitment to quality and safety: “Our colors are derived from flowers, wheat powder, rice powder, edible food color, henna, and natural essential oils, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience, especially for facial applications.”

To assure consumers, provides certified products endorsed by Cosmos Natural and Institute for Industrial Research and Toxicology (IIRT).

Pre and Post-Holi Skincare

Startups like YesMadam, Clinikally, Moms and Co, Kama Ayurveda, and The Ayurveda Co. are offering skincare products tailored for pre and post-Holi care, catering to the growing demand for holistic wellness solutions.

Sustainable Gifting Trends

Gifting during Holi has evolved beyond traditional gulal, with brands offering diverse options such as Holi-themed t-shirts, thandai mixes, chocolates, coconut oil, herbal water colors, sweet boxes, and handmade assorted chocolates.

Ferns N Petals and My Pooja Box are notable players in this segment, responding to the rising demand for organic and sustainable gift options.

No-Sugar Holi Treats

The health-conscious trend has led to a demand for handmade sweets, chocolates, and healthy treats made from natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery, and coconut sugar. Gluten-free and vegan options such as thandai badam ladoos, sugar-free chocolates, ragi ladoos, Ayurvedic thandai, and gujia are gaining popularity.

Two Brothers Organic Farms (TBOF) is introducing innovative treats like Rose thandai, paan thandai, thandai drink mix, and gulkand, promoting organic ingredients for a refreshing Holi experience.

Capitalizing on Holi Fervor

The D2C sector in India is poised to capitalize on the festive season, with Holi expected to generate significant revenue exceeding INR 50,000 Cr. D2C startups are targeting the growing online consumer base, projected to reach 350 Mn by 2025, especially among environmentally conscious consumers willing to pay a premium for sustainable products.

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