Praan’s Impact: Revolutionizing India’s Cleantech with MKII – 8X Filtration, $2M Raised, and Series A Ahead


Praan, founded by Angad Daryani, is making strides in India’s cleantech space by offering filterless air purifiers designed for industrial use and outdoor environments. In a country grappling with severe air pollution, particularly in metropolitan areas like Delhi and Mumbai, Praan aims to create safe breathing zones.

India currently ranks fifth among the world’s most polluted countries, with PM2.5 levels significantly exceeding WHO recommendations. Industries such as chemicals, textiles, cement, steel, and mining contribute significantly to air pollution, impacting the health of blue-collar workers.

Daryani’s journey with Praan began in 2017 during his electrical engineering studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Motivated by personal experiences with asthma and a commitment to providing clean air, he developed the first filterless air-purification prototype from basic materials, evolving it into a 5-ft-tall metal structure named MK One.

Despite facing challenges and a setback during the COVID-19 pandemic, Daryani secured support from investors like Social Impact Capital, Aera VC, Better Capital, and notable individuals such as Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Nipun Sahni. Praan’s technology employs fans to pull in polluted air, charge particles, and temporarily trap them in a charged cylinder, eliminating the need for physical filters.

The startup’s flagship product, MKII, launched in April 2023, boasts 8X filtration capacity and 10X speed compared to its predecessor. With a purification rate of 1,300 cubic feet per minute, MKII targets large spaces like factories, airports, malls, hospitals, and public areas.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing climate impact and air pollution in industries, Daryani emphasized MKII’s role in reducing fugitive emissions, improving working conditions, and making a substantial impact on air quality. Praan also introduced HIVE, a compact, high-volume air purification device constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum.

Despite challenges in the climate tech space, Praan has raised around $2 million since 2021 and is gearing up for a Series A round, aiming to achieve a thousand installations this year. The Indian Air Purifier Market, projected to surpass $1.16 billion by 2030, indicates the potential for scalable, local innovations in India’s cleantech sector.

Praan’s focus on aggressive scaling, moving from R&D to commercial deployment, aligns with the broader trend of VC interest in climate tech. As the startup navigates the challenges and opportunities within the cleantech landscape, its journey exemplifies the potential impact of innovative solutions in combating air pollution and creating a sustainable future.

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