Andhra High School Dropout Becomes First Computer-Based Wood Designer in Village

The high school dropout from Andhra Pradesh has been inspiring many by using technology in creating designs on home items made of wood. Apart from making good profits in wood designing, he has been expanding his business scope and providing employment to others.

Tangethi Raju is a native of Anakapalli district headquarter in Andhra Pradesh, who banned formal education due to financial problems. Now, he is the only computer based designer in the village and is offering jobs to others.

Tangethi Raju is a native of Anakapalli district headquarters in Andhra Pradesh, who forbade formal education due to family reasons and financial problems. In search of a livelihood, he learned to operate a computer from his friends. But this was not enough for him to earn an income to lead a happy life. They came to know that there is no computer based wood designing in and around Narsipatnam, where people have to depend on handmade designs by carpenters on their home wooden items like doors, windows, and others.

He thought of starting a computer based wood designing business in Narsipatnam. Raju, with the help of his friends, learned the technique of making designs on wooden household items on the computer. He bought the machine for this purpose and started his business in Narsipatnam.

In no time, Raju became a household name in and around Narsipatnam, where people preferred his computer-based designs to the carpenter’s hand made designs.

Anyone who wants to get designs done on the doors and windows of their house has been approaching Raju without hesitation.

Raju said that he is charging at least Rs 10,000 depending on the design as per the taste of the customer. He also said that he has been providing employment to other people through his business.

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