Anti-drug committees mandatory in all colleges-Hyderabad police

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner C V Anand on Monday issued a notification obliging all colleges and other educational institutions to constitute anti-drug committees in their institutions.

The Hyderabad police have now mandated the setting up of an Anti-Drugs Committee (ADC) in all city colleges and similar institutions in a bid to spread awareness against the consumption, possession and sale of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

A press release from the city police said that each committee should consist of at least five members from faculty and students.

The panel is primarily tasked with preventing drug abuse by equipping the youth with life skills to deal with various situations. This will prevent them from turning to drugs and resist peer pressure to use banned substances.

“A safe environment enables students to utilize their energy properly and develop as a responsible citizen. To ensure such an environment, the committees should work with determination,” said Anand, reiterating the firm stand of the state government and city police against illegal drug trade and abuse.

As colleges returned to normalcy after the pandemic-induced disruption during the last two years, the police have now taken a dual strategy-legal action along with sensitizing the youth, which will eventually lead to a demand side action in the illicit drug trade. cuts .Said further in the press released.

These committees will also liaise with the local police to tip off on usage or possession or sale or purchase of drugs. Citizens can inform the Hyderabad Police Narcotics Enforcement Wing through specified phone numbers.

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