Asha Parekh Gets BRUTALLY TROLLED For Fat-Shaming Women; Netizen Says, ‘Sad Veteran Like You Is Body-Shaming Women’

Asha Parekh, a veteran actress, faced harsh criticism on social media for her comments regarding the impact of westernisation on Indian women.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 53rd International Film Festival of India in Goa, she slammed the women who are getting influenced by the western culture and ignoring their traditional dresses such as ghaghra-choli. She even mentioned that she fails to understand why fat women were gowns outfits at weddings. Asha’s statements have not gone down well with several netizens as they brutally troll her.

#ashaparekh is trending on Twitter with netizens lashing out at her saying being a veteran how she could fat-shame women. One Twitter user shared Asha’s photo and wrote, “Wearing a #Dress is a personal choice a #Woman makes, surprised that a #Veteran like #ashaparekh making comments #bodyshaming #Women and advising #IndianWomen what they should wear in our #IndianWeddings – least expected of her to make comments like this..sad actually indeed…”

Another user tweeted, “Asha ji …!!! Of all the people you are saying this??? Are you really fatshaming women who want to wear what they want to at their own weddings? Should we now go and compare you to ur contemporaries??? We won’t cause we aren’t you!.”

Asha Parekh had stated that for the uneducated, “Everything is different now. The movies that are produced are. I have no idea because we are so westernised. Dresses Pehen K Wedding Pe Aa Rahi Hai. Aap wo pehno na, arre bhaiya, humari ghaghra choli, saariyan aur salwar-kameez hai. Why do you not put those on? They merely gaze at the screen’s heroes. Us tarah ke kapde pehnenge screen pe dekh ke wo jo kapde pehen rahe. Hum wahi phnenge, mote ho, ya jo. The West is where you are, my friend. We have such wonderful dancing, music, and culture that we could bring it all back in popular culture.”

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