Before “Daisy Jones & the Six” streams in the UAE, best-selling novelist discusses the influence of Hollywood.

Author Taylor Jenkins Reid has created a fictional world that spans decades, is riddled with celebrities, and is full of glitz and grit.

An employee working behind the scenes at a recent press event for Daisy Jones & the Six told several journalists, “I’m jealous you get to meet her.”

The “she” in question was neither Riley Keough, the show’s lead actress, nor any of the other female cast members. It was Taylor Jenkins Reid, the bestselling author of the critically acclaimed novels The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Daisy Jones, Malibu Rising, and Carrie Soto is Back, which are laced with fame and span decades.
The first Reid adaption to be adapted for the movie is Daisy Jones, which makes its Amazon Video premiere on Friday, and more are in the works.

One True Loves, starring Phillipa Soo and Simu Liu, was adapted by Reid and her husband, Alex, and will be released on April 7. Also, she co-wrote a movie script with her closest friend, which Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect) will helm.

Reid calls writing novels “a fortunate accident” and claims she always knew she wanted to work in Hollywood. She initially relocated to Los Angeles to work in casting, but after finishing her debut book, Forever Interrupted, she realized that writing was her true calling.

She claims, “I discovered this element of myself I never anticipated.” Reid says it’s “very great” for her career now that Hollywood is contacting her.

Reid discussed the series’ future, its interconnected themes, and the advancement of the Evelyn Hugo adaptation. For clarity, the transcript has been shortened.

You’ve claimed that Carrie Soto is Back, your most recent book, is the final in a line of books you’ve written about famous people. Ist das so?

I don’t naturally gravitate toward it. I long to come back to this planet. I long to pick up each of these books again. When I’m done with them, I miss them. And they never seem to feel like they are finished with me. It always seems as though the chance to visit them again would be greatly appreciated.

But I’ve compared it somewhat to the senior year of high school, where we need to go out and expand our horizons and take on new tasks. That is exactly what I intend to accomplish. I just know it’s time, not so much because I’m ready to leave as much as that.

In each of the books, there is a playboy, smooth-talking crooner named Mick Riva. Why?

Despite the fact that I am primarily interested in and write about women, women are frequently left holding the bag when men make poor choices. Men sort of come out unharmed when they make the decisions that they do. Many males in our culture consistently commit significant errors, yet it doesn’t affect them; instead, the women who stand behind these men must cope with the fallout from their deeds.

Evelyn Hugo is being turned into a movie on Netflix. Have you ever wondered how a narrative about a woman who had seven marriages would fit into a movie?

I did. After reading the script, I understand it without being concerned. I comprehend. It is comparable to what happened on Daisy Jones. You must choose the appropriate people and put your trust in them. I told the script’s incredible talent, Liz Tigelaar, “I don’t know how you’re going to get this off. I believe the story has to be shortened. She replied, “No, I don’t.” She then hands in the script, at which point I realized my error. You were accurate. You understand.

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