Butter In Fridge Or Kitchen Top? Know The Right Storage

Nothing is worse than trying to butter a slice of toast with hard, cold butter. For light and airy cake batter, your butter must be soft.

An icy butter stick seasoned with herbs and spices? An almost unimaginable feat. It appears that we could always keep our butter on the kitchen counter, which would make things much easier. But is storing butter in the open truly safe? The short answer is yes, to a certain extent. Compared to other dairy products, butter can be kept at room temperature for a longer period of time. That is the fault of the construction.

At Room Temperature Butter

Butter is created by churning, which separates milk or cream into its liquid and solid components. The portion of the milk that is solid is its natural fat, and the liquid that is left over is buttermilk. Buttermilk ferments into the substance that is used to produce ranch dressing and fried chicken. When that liquid is absent, the solid fat is significantly more shelf stable than it was when the milk was fresh. The high fat content of dairy products limits the growth of germs more than other types of dairy. Butter must have at least 80% fat in order to be sold in grocery stores in the United States. Even while butter is less likely to promote the growth of bacteria and become unfit for food, it can nevertheless go bad. Butter may turn rancid rather than deteriorate when left at room temperature for longer than a day or so. The butter’s fat molecules will become damaged and change in chemical composition as a result of the constant presence of oxygen. Although it will taste unpleasant and a touch sour, it won’t harm you the way eating eggs tainted with salmonella might.

Ideas For Storing Butter

Fortunately, there are kitchen implements you may use to preserve butter’s softness without allowing any additional air in. Butter will stay fresh for a few days if it is stored in containers with lids that keep out air. A butter crock is yet another device that has been in use for millennia. The bell-shaped top of this ceramic tool can be filled with butter, and it can then be set in a ceramic cup that has some water in it. Water fills the container, sealing it off from oxygen and any bothersome germs. For up to a month, your butter will keep fresh and spreadable if the water is changed once or twice a week.

Butter’s refrigerator shelf life

If you want to keep your butter for a longer amount of time or don’t want to spend money on additional equipment, the refrigerator is your best bet. Butter can be stored for up to two weeks after its expiration date if it hasn’t been opened and for three to four months if it has.

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