Can An Apple A Day, Keep Diabetes At Bay?

Diabetes Mellitus is emerging to be one of the most common metabolic conditions across the world. Afflicting millions in India alone, Diabetes occurs when your body is either not producing enough insulin, or not responding to the insulin produced.

Diabetes comes in a variety of forms, including Type 1, Type 2, gestational, and others. Unfortunately, the condition cannot be reversed or cured; it can only be controlled. Variable blood sugar levels are a hallmark of diabetes; they can spike suddenly and then plummet. This may cause lightheadedness, irritability, weakness, and perplexity. If diabetes is not controlled, it may eventually start to have an impact on your liver, kidneys, and eyes.

Diabetes Management Using Diet

Today, there are numerous efficient diabetes management strategies. One is your eating plan. Your diet and any recommended medications, if any, can help you monitor your blood sugar levels. While some of the most reliable fruits like amla, guava, kiwi et al can do wonders to keep blood sugar in check, it is about time, you give chance to your humble apple as well.

Why Apples Work So Well for Managing Diabetes

Apples are renowned for their abundance of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for maintaining general health. They come in their juicy, crunchy varieties. In addition to lowering cholesterol and promoting digestion and bowel movements, they can also strengthen bones, improve skin health, and maintain appropriate blood sugar levels.

Pectin, a fibre found in abundance in apples, prevents blood sugar increases by releasing sugar into the bloodstream extremely gradually. This is due to the fact that fibres take some time to digest, delaying the release of sugar. Additionally essential in controlling cholesterol is the pectin fibre.

Additionally, the antioxidant polyphenols in apples’ naturally occurring sugar, fructose, work to balance metabolism and limit the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

So it turns out that perhaps eating an apple a day helps prevent excessive blood sugar. But you must know how to properly consume them. Keeping the skin on will yield the most fibres. Add some cinnamon to the top to boost the food’s flavour and healthfulness. They can also be minced and added to salads.

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