Can’t Eat Eggs? Try These Protein-Dense Alternatives

One of the foods that is high in protein is eggs. Eggs are one of the top-recommended protein options for everyone from bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to expectant mothers.

A hard-boiled egg has six grammes of protein, did you know that? But what if you don’t like eggs? There are other equally delicious ways to satiate yourself with nutrients that can help you gain muscle, so there is no need to worry.

In light of that, here are some fantastic egg substitutes. In actuality, five of the items on our list had more protein per serving than an egg. Go on reading.

Greek Yoghurt

If you’re seeking for a good egg substitute, choose fat-Greek yoghurt. Regular Greek yoghurt contains 100 calories and 17 grammes of protein per cup. To ensure you are consuming enough protein each day, think about including it. One of the greatest ways to consume it is in the form of rolled oats that have been soaked over night. It is delicious and packed with protein.

Dried Spirulina

Not all seafood is loaded with protein, even fish. The protein content of two tablespoons of dry spirulina is eight grammes. Want to know how to get them? Spirulina can be enjoyed by simply sprinkling it on top of a salad or roasted veggies.

Perhaps most of us are aware of pumpkin seeds’ magnesium content. That’s not all, though. These little marvels are a fantastic source of protein. The amount of protein in one quarter cup of dry pumpkin seeds is 10 grammes. They can be included as afternoon or evening snacks after being dry roasted. They provide a crisp flavour to salads as well.

Gruyere Cheese

An ounce of gruyere has been shown to have more than eight grammes of protein. This Swiss cheese comes in a deliciously large variety. But pay attention to your portion sizes. Why? If you don’t keep track of your consumption, the 117 calories in a single ounce could cause you to gain weight.

Roasted Soybeans

In a quarter cup of roasted soybeans, there are 15 grammes of protein. In addition, this snack food offers a good deal of potassium and fibre. It’s the ideal component to add to a handmade trail mix. Change your snacking habits to this one and see a difference in your general health.

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