Deakin University Increases the Number of Scholarships Available in 2023

Deakin University

Deakin University Expands 2023 Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Program: 10 Scholarships Worth Over INR 60 Million Now Available for Meritorious Indian Students, Applications Open

New Delhi, 18 April:- Deakin University, a Top 1% university worldwide and a leading Australian higher education institution is furthering its commitment to Indian students by expanding its Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship Program 2023. This initiative aims to support high-achieving Indian students in their pursuit of becoming global citizens who can positively impact their communities back in India. The program, which offers 100% fee waivers to recipients for the entirety of their studies at a Deakin Campus in Victoria, Australia, has been expanded to include 10 scholarships, each valued at over INR 6 million. Applications for the July 2023 intake are now open.

With a goal of making a profound impact on the lives of deserving students in India, this initiative is a part of the university’s ‘Changing Lives’ program and offers opportunities for postgraduate and undergraduate studies in any field, with no limit on the duration of study. The program is designed to support exceptional students who have demonstrated academic excellence and well-rounded achievements and aims to empower them to study onshore at Deakin University in Australia.

Furthermore, the program has a philanthropic outlook, with the aim of giving back to India while helping to develop the skills and experience needed to make a real impact on society and has the potential to change the trajectory of the lives of deserving students, allowing them to realise their academic and personal potential while contributing to the growth of society.

Professor Iain Martin, President and Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University reiterated his support for helping Indian students pursue excellence, saying, “Nearly a decade ago, Deakin recognized the need for Indian students to have better access to world-class education to fulfil their immense potential, and initiated the Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious 100% Scholarship program (India).

Today, I am thrilled to announce that our commitment to empowering Indian students has only grown stronger. We are increasing the number of scholarships from four last year to ten this year, further opening the door to a world-class education for deserving students.”

“At Deakin, we believe that education has the power to transform lives and communities, and we are dedicated to supporting the aspirations of Indian students who share our vision for a better world. Through this scholarship program, we are investing in the future of India and its people,” Professor Martin said.

The scholars, while on-campus, are inducted also into the Vice Chancellor’s Professional Excellence Program (VCPEP), which gives them the unparalleled opportunity to represent themselves and the University in prestigious forums alongside senior officials from the government, corporate and academia.

The Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship program was introduced first in 2014, and so far, 39 deserving scholars have been awarded the 100% Scholarship for their studies in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Meritorious students aspiring to pursue high-quality international education across emerging study areas like sports, engineering, psychology, etc. have gone forward to pursue successful careers in their chosen field.

Ravneet Pawha, Vice-President (Global Alliances) and CEO (South Asia) at Deakin, added, “Education is the cornerstone of progress and has been rightly referred to as a key focus area in the strong and mutually beneficial relationship between India and Australia.

As we witness the emergence of a new generation of leaders, these scholarships will provide invaluable support to young, high-achieving students in India, empowering them not only with financial assistance but also with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world that demands innovation and collaboration. This initiative aims to foster a cohort of visionary young leaders who will help shape the future and strengthen the bonds between our two great nations.”

The selection process for the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship Program is rigorous and will be conducted by the Deakin South Asia Office based in New Delhi. A minimum eligibility criterion is set after which the selection process will involve an application review, referee recommendations, online interviews and in-person panel interviews with the shortlisted candidates in the presence of neutral representatives from academia and industry.

Shruti Arora, who won the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship in 2022, said, “The scholarship was my key to study abroad and a huge financial support to my parents. It has changed my life and opened the path for me to become a future change maker in the mental health sector.”

Deakin University also offers other academic merit-based bursaries and scholarships for Indian students that include a 25% Merit Scholarship and a 20% Bursary for studies onshore in Australia.

For more information about the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship Program 2023, and to check eligibility to apply, please visit

Students may also email [email protected]/[email protected] or call the Deakin South Asia Office, New Delhi on +91 11 2654 4725

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