Dominance of thoughts

Our mind is a lock, some are made of gold, silver, brass or bronze. Our thought is the key to every lock. Every mind consists of problems of day to day life. We all know that the lock is opened only with the right key.

It’s all about the dominance of one thought over the other and we all know that the powerful thought wins. Now, every type of thought reflects our positive or negative attitude. Each thought that enters our mind should be settled on a priority base. Our dominant thought is a huge block that should be given top priority while all the negative thoughts are the small blocks. Therefore, the huge block occupies the maximum area.

Mind is a very strange thing. It can change the overall outlook of a person in a fraction of a second  through the power of dominance. In simple words, dominant refers to the one which is more important, powerful and noticeable.  I am in the  twelfth standard right now. At this point of time, I get a lot of negative thoughts. Sometimes I don’t like what I do and hate myself. But deep inside I ultimately know how to overcome these emotions and so I find a way out. This is life. It can be predictable and unpredictable at the same time.

You reap what you sow is a very famous proverb that says future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions. In Psychology we say that the “TEA” (thoughts, emotions and actions) share an unbreakable bond. Therefore the plans that you are making while reading this article will definitely come into play later. If you’re happy with the outcome, it means that you have successfully led the huge block of positive thought to take over and pushed the small blocks aside. That huge block breaks into a thousand small blocks of positivity. Making our brain more and more powerful.

Well, many times people fail to realise that it  is all about the mind-set. Our thoughts are circulated throughout our body through neurotransmitters. If these neurotransmitters do not work properly, we might get a serious disorder.

It is nearly impossible to control the million thoughts that come up in our mind. But believe it or not the power of dominance can bring a person hundred steps closer to his dreams. It is therefore the most powerful.

Author: Lavanya Agarwal

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