French author Annie Ernaux gets Nobel Prize in Literature 2022

This year’s Nobel Prize in Literature 2022 has been awarded to French author Anne Arnoux “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, mechanisms and collective restrictions of individual memory.” The Swedish Academy today announced the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature.

In her writings, Arnox examines a life marked by strong inequalities relating to gender, language, and class. He has written more than thirty literary works, including portraits of his father, mother and personal life.

The French writer has said that writing is a political act, which opens our eyes to social inequality. She uses language as a “knife” to tear down the veils of imagination. The official said, “The ambition to tear apart the veils of the imagination has led Arnoux to a systematic reconstruction of the past, but also to attempt to write a ‘raw’ type of prose in diary form, which is entirely external.” Nobel Prize website stated.

Arnox was born in 1940 and grew up in the small town of Yvette in Normandy, where her parents had a combined grocery store and cafe. The website said, “Their setting was poor but ambitious, with parents who had drawn themselves from proletarian existence to bourgeois life, where memories of the beaten earth floor never disappeared, but where politics rarely was engraved,” the website said.

Arnoux’s first film was Les Armoires Vides (1974; Clean Out, 1990), and She had begun her Norman background checks already in this book, but it was her fourth book, La Place (1983; A Man’s Place). , 1992), which delivered her literary success.

 In 100 pages, She paints a “disappointing” portrait of her father and the entire social environment that fundamentally created him. There is also a political dimension to Arnoux’s language. Her writings have always been overshadowed by a sense of treason towards the social class to which she belongs.

 In her own words in her book Shame, Ernaux writes, “I have always wanted to write the sort of book that I find it impossible to talk about afterward, the sort of book that makes it impossible for me to withstand the gaze of others.” Literature gives her a haven to write what is impossible to communicate in direct contact with others.

Annie Arnoux clearly believes in the liberating power of writing. His work is uncompromising and written in plain language, clean. And when she reveals with great courage and clinical acuity the anguish of the classroom experience, shame, humiliation, envy or inability to see who you are, she has achieved something admirable and lasting, “Nobel Committee chairman Anders Olsson says in his bibliography.

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