Global Indian International School (GIIS), leading global international school network picks Nagpur for its 7th campus in India

6.5-acre Smart campus has 500-seater auditorium, design & innovation lab plus radio, TV & visual art studios, etc.

Mumbai/Delhi/Bengaluru, December 14, 2022: TheGlobal Indian International School (GIIS), a leading global network of premier international schools and a member of Global School Foundation (GSF), has launched its 7th Smart Campus in India in Nagpur (Maharashtra). The campus to be operational by February 2023 is spread across 6.5 acres and will have 500-seater auditorium, a Design & Innovation Lab besides radio, TV & Visual art studios. GIIS’ award-winning 9 GEMS framework balances excellence in academics with sports, performing arts, entrepreneurship and character development.With a dedicated team of experienced and enthusiastic educators and state-of-the-art campuses, GIIS provides students a holistic growth environment that fosters students’ all-around development thereby contributing to a large talented pool of GenZers.

In his comments, Rajiv Bansal, Director-Operations, GIIS India said, “Nagpur is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is establishing itself as an IT, logistics and aerospace maintenance hub besides other industries that is coming up in and around the city. This growth has led to increasing affluence across the region with more and more parents seeking global options for their children. We are trying to address this demand and fulfil their growing aspirations.  We have left no stone unturned in ensuring a state-of-the-art, new-age powered and technology-assisted smart campus for GenZers.”

Added, Atul Temurnikar, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, GIobal Schools Foundation, “GIIS is globally known for its smart campus and unique approach that focuses on empowering young minds to discover their true potential, hone their skills and develop their personality to be successful global citizens. The new campus will redefine what parents and students in this region have been used to and will boast of globally proven teaching best practices and new-age learning methodologies. India has always been a key focus market for us and delighted to see our 17th campus globally and the 7th in India coming up in Nagpur”

About Global Indian International School: Founded in 2002, Singapore-based GIIS, a global network of premier international schools under GSF, offers a combination of international and Indian curricula from kindergarten to Grade 12. These include the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), Cambridge IGCSE, IB Primary Years Program, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Global Montessori Plus program. GIIS’ award-winning 9 GEMS framework balances excellence in academics with sports, performing arts, entrepreneurship and character development.It operates 16 campuses across Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE and India. GIIS is a member of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF) which is observing completion of 20th year. It has been recognized worldwide for high standards of

governance and academic excellence, winning 450+ awards for providing quality education. Strong academic results year after year and accolades in allied fields such as sports and art are testimony to gold standards set by GIIS schools in the field of education.

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