Golden Oppurtunity :Restoration of 26000 government teachers in Jharkhand

This is a golden opportunity for the youths who are seeking government jobs. In Jharkhand, 25996 posts of Assistant Professor are being recruited. For this one more competitive exam will have to be given. After getting the recommendation from the districts, the requisition will be sent to the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission.

The level of questions asked in the competitive examination to be held for the posts of Assistant Professor in the primary schools of the state government in Jharkhand will be different.

The level of questions will be Intermediate in the appointment to the posts of Inter-trained Assistant Professor for classes I to V, while for the posts of Graduate Trained Assistant Professor for Classes 6 to VIII, questions will be asked at the graduate level.

 This time, the pattern for the appointment of teachers will be different. The candidates who have passed the Jharkhand Teacher Eligibility Test will have to give another competitive examination, in which it will be applicable. This competitive exam will be conducted by Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission.

The competitive examination for appointment to the posts of Assistant Professor will be considered of one paper in which objective type questions will be asked in various subjects.

For Assistant Professor of classes I to V, the examination will be of 350 marks, out of which 100 marks will be of qualifying nature. The scored marks will not be added to the merit list.

In this examination, Tribal and Regional Language (one of the identified district wise languages), 70-70 marks from Mathematics and Science and Social Science and 40 marks from General Knowledge and Current Affairs questions will be asked for 40 marks. According to the secondary examination, questions of 100 marks will be asked from mother tongue which will be of qualifying nature only.

Similarly, for Assistant Professor of classes VI to VIII, this exam will be of 420 marks, out of which 70 marks in mother tongue will be of qualifying nature. Apart from this, questions of 100 marks will be asked from Tribal and Regional Language and General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

Also, the subject for which appointment is to be made for the post of Assistant Professor, that will have to be chosen as an optional subject, in which questions of 150 marks will be asked. This includes science and mathematics, social science and language.

Explain that in the first phase, 11000 posts are to be appointed for classes 1 to 5 and 14,996 posts for classes 6 to 8 . The Director of Primary Education has asked all the Deputy Commissioners to clear the roster and send recommendation for appointment. After getting the recommendation from all the districts, the requisition for conducting the competitive examination will be sent to the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission. 

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