Guinness World Records Officially Declares Monday as ‘Worst Day of the Week’

According to Guinness World Records, Monday is the worst day of the week.

The notion of a Monday can be utterly depressing for anyone who has had to work, study, or perform any other task in an institutional setting. All of it won’t be condensed into a vague “Monday blues” bundle after Guinness World Records relocates. Now, it’s actual. Monday is considered to be the worst day of the week, according to both government and popular opinion. You may now attribute your general pessimism on it being Monday. Only on the remaining six days of the week would it be an issue.

Guinness World Records tweeted yesterday, “We’re officially handing Monday the record of the worst day of the week,” and Twitter is now feeling understood. It “took you long enough,” said a Twitter user. Guinness World Records responded with, “IKR.” Regarding Wednesday, MrBeast, a well-known YouTuber, said, “It sounds weird. Guinness World Records responded, “Three syllables is too much.”

More than 143 million copies of the Guinness Book of Records, now known as the Guinness World Records, have been sold. It is distributed in 100 different countries and is published in at least 22 different languages. The annual book was first published on August 27th, 1955. Sir Hugh Beaver, who went on a hunting trip with his friends in November 1951, served as the book’s primary source of inspiration. He made an attempt to kill a golden plover but failed. Following the failure, Beaver and his buddies began debating whether the golden plover is the fastest game bird in Europe.

In the midst of the argument, they began looking up the veracity of the fact in several books, but they were unable to locate the appropriate one. After this experience, Beaver considered writing a record book for British pubs to resolve amicable disagreements like the one he and his friends had to deal with.

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