Healthy food lovers unite as Bloom takes over Bandra serving you delicious healthy meals – Gluten-free, Vegan, diabetic-friendly, PCOS-friendly, Keto-friendly, Millet-based, and more!

02, November Mumbai: After the mindblowing success of BLAH!, the all-day brunch restaurant that won the hearts of many and recently celebrated its first anniversary, the makers of Blah! Niketa Sharma, Founder of Blah and Executive Chef Rahul Desai are bringing forth the notion of a healthy gut is the key to a healthy body with the launch of Bloom, a 7-day-a-week, breakfast-to-dinner eatery and café that recently opened its doors to all café lovers out there who are just looking to unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones. The quaint ambience of Bloom is all set to charm you with its homey aroma and draw your soul into its cocoon for a few blessed moments of peace and tranquility.

Nestled in the buzzing pockets of Bandra, Bloom is a plant-based, vegan, and keto-friendly café that takes you on a culinary journey of delicious natural flavours. From the moment you enter its humble doors, you will immediately be transported into a world of tranquility, relaxation, and rejuvenation. With ‘Simplicity, Elegance and Humility’ as their motto, Bloom signifies the blossoming of a flower which in turn resembles the idea behind the café- delivering simple plant-based dishes that are full of flavour and colour.

Shedding a light on the inspiration behind creating Bloom: A conscious eatery and café, Niketa Sharma, Founder of Bloom elaborated, “There is a deeply personal touch behind the concept of creating a conscious eating, plant-forward café like Bloom. I have been dealing with insulin resistance, thyroid, and gluten intolerance for a while. Due to this, I started adopting the habit of indulging in eating healthy food and switched to a keto, gluten-free, and millet-based diet. While embarking on this health-conscious journey, I came up with the concept of Bloom. With ‘Bloom where planted’ as the tagline of bloom, this café caters to everybody who is looking for conscious and plant-forward cuisines that are healthy and tasty not just to the eyes but also to the tongue. But make no mistake, the cumulative vision of Bloom not only caters to health-conscious appetites but also welcomes patrons who cherish a wholesome carb-filled diet with open arms. It is a place for everyone. Taking it one bite at a time, Bloom aspires to create awareness about conscious eating and introducing a healthy aspect in good quality and tasty food.”

Bloom aptly promotes the popular belief that ‘you are what you eat.’ Chemically charged foods affect your mind and body and hence, Bloom focuses on retaining and enhancing the flavours and believes that when food is prepared naturally without any additives, it will significantly nourish the body and help with the management of many lifestyle-related ailments. That being said, Bloom positively represents the fact that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and gut-wrenching, rather it is soul-pleasing and gut-cleansing. Striving to make everything transparent to their customers and actively spreading awareness of where their food is coming from, Bloom aspires to become one of the top health-conscious cafes in Mumbai. The pleasant café stands for reconnection with nature and is truly a sustainability-friendly and environmentally conscious brand sealed with intrinsic and refreshing vibes.

“Bloom is a quaint, chic, and au natural café that exudes charm and is everything you thought healthy food can be. Food is the source of life and Bloom caters to clean, natural, and healthy eating to promote holistic wellness of the body,” says Niketa Sharma, Founder of Bloom.

A quaint and sprightly-styled cafe, Bloom accentuates a consoling ambience of relaxation and rejuvenation by offering authentic cuisines to promote nutrition, health, and comfort. As the saying goes ‘A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place.’ Adhering to that, the intricate interior and environment of Bloom perfectly resonate with its overall chic and cozy surroundings. Built with pure and sustainable materials, the café includes splendid artifacts synonymous with Ankita Sharma, a gifted and artistic interior designer. As soon as you step in, the soothing monochromatic theme will sweep you off your feet as they recreate an authentic and upscale vibe. With a vivacious alfresco seating style with clean lines and subdued peach and white shades and an exuberant pop of bold colours, the café is filled with eco-friendly heirlooms made of macramé along with a cane coffee counter, vibrant lights, pure, sustainable, origami flowers, and recyclable- fine-wood upholstery. Specifically keeping in mind the pleasant ambience that nature exudes, this picturesque café is delightfully instagrammable.

Ankita Sharma, Founder of Design Alma and the mastermind behind the magnificent interiors of Bloom commented, “Bloom is inspired by the beautiful french cafeterias. The theme of the café is quite pleasant, elementary, and refreshing. The name ‘Bloom’ is inspired by ‘blooming flowers’ which is another sub-concept for the interiors. The highlights of the café are the colourful, and rustic elements like pinewood, cane, wicker, and jute which are all inspired by nature. Another eye-catching feature of the café is the kitchen. Gracefully painted in green, it perfectly resembles the natural setting that we aimed to bring forth at Bloom.”

As a culinary journey of scrumptious vegan good food and refreshing beverages: Bloom promises to take you on an exquisite and healthy gastronomic journey. At the helm of this tantalizing culinary journey is Executive Chef Rahul Desai. Chef Rahul has previously worked with brands like Indigo, Taj, and Masala Library and has over 9 years of experience. Chef Rahul has curated a toothsome menu that will definitely leave you wanting for more. His top picks from the elaborate menu are Signature Zen Avocado Toast with Poached Cloud Egg (Keto Friendly), Signature Rainbow Pizza, and the Berry and Banana Smoothie.

The versatile menu includes wide-ranging dishes that are millet-based, vegan-friendly as well as Keto-friendly and gluten-free, where even the deserts are refined sugar-free. You can start with a Plant-Based Keema Pav (Vegan), made with plant-based keema, tossed with rich tomato sauce, and served with whole wheat Ladi pav and a side salad. If your tastebuds are craving a delicious sandwich, Bloom has you covered with the Basil Pesto Cottage Cheese Sandwich, a toothsome sandwich served with basil pesto, marinated cottage cheese, grilled veggies, cheddar cheese slice, and lettuce. You can also treat yourself to a Keto-Friendly Falafel Wrap served with baked falafel, hummus, pickled vegetables, olives, sweet potato fries, garlic sauce, harissa sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. If you prefer to cleanse your tummy with a tantalizing salad, a Chikoo & Feta Salad is the antidote of choice.

Additionally, the main menu includes flavoursome delights like Pearl Barley Risotto, served

with beetroot and red wine spiked pearl barley risotto, sauteed vegetables, and grilled portobello mushrooms; French Onion Chicken Leg, served with caramelized onions, crispy Lebanese potato, grilled chicken leg, asparagus, beans, and chef special french sauce and Homemade Rosette Di Pasta, lovingly made with sundried tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, olives, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, bechamel sauce, and smoky creamy tomato sauce amongst others. Bloom is in collaboration with Genelia & Ritesh Deshmukh’s new venture Imagine Meats. Some of the must try dishes are Imagine Chicken Keema Pav, Imagine Meat Burger, Lebanese Imagine Nugget Wrap and Za’atar Imagine Chicken , Avocado & Labneh Wrap (Keto Friendly).

The exceptional beverage menu includes flavoursome Kambucha Mocktails, Cold Brews, Espresso Martini Cocktails with cardamom and rose flavour, Blooming Teas, coffees with almond and oats milk, shakes, smoothies, and house-pressed juices amongst others. Some of the must-try beverages from the beverage menu include Raspberry and Lemonade Kombucha served with fresh raspberry muddle, raspberry syrup, and lime Juice; Orange and Mint Cold Brew, an in-house cold brew with home-made syrup, tonic water, and mint; Coffee and Banana smoothie, generously made with an espresso shot, bananas, dates, chia seeds, and soy milk; Strawberry and Rose CheeseCake Shake with a perfect blend of strawberry cheesecake, milk, fresh cream, and vanilla ice cream and Golden Latte with a 24-carat gold foil. Additionally, the perfect cherry on top is the toothsome dessert menu that includes delicious delights such as Rose Tres Leches available in vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free options and vegan ice-creams that are definitely worth a try!

So what are you waiting for? Bid adieu to the hardships of your daily routine and book your tables at Bloom today! For this bustling and delivery-friendly café is all set to quickly uplift your mood and bring some sugar-free sweetness to your days that will keep you healthy and happy all the same time!

Address: Bloom, Shop No. 5, Carlton Court, Plot No. 139, Junction of Perry & Pali Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400 050.


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