Holi is prohibited in universities in Pakistan in order to “Preserve Islamic Identity.”

Pakistan Bans Hindu Festival of 'Holi'

Pakistan Bans Hindu Festival of ‘Holi’ to Preserve Islamic Identity

The decision came after a video showcasing students at an Islamabad university enthusiastically celebrating the festival of Holi became an internet sensation.

Upholding Islamic Identity: Pakistan’s Ban on Holi Celebrations

Pakistan took a stance on Tuesday by prohibiting the celebration of the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’ in order to safeguard its Islamic identity. This action was prompted by the circulation of a viral video featuring students from an Islamabad university reveling in the festivities of Holi. In response, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan issued a notification emphasizing the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in nurturing a younger generation that upholds the cultural and moral values of Islam.

The notification expressed disappointment in witnessing incidents like the celebration of Holi, which demonstrate a complete detachment from the socio-cultural values of the nation and a dilution of its Islamic identity. The commission commented on the concern caused by the fervor displayed during the Hindu festival of Holi, noting that the extensive media coverage had unfavorably impacted the country’s image.

According to the commission’s notification, it is incumbent upon them to enhance the higher education sector of the Islamic nation by integrating the principles deeply rooted in Pakistan’s culture, values, and traditions. This approach is aimed at preserving the ideology of the nation. The statement also acknowledged the significance of religious diversity in fostering an inclusive and tolerant society while cautioning against going to extremes. The notification urged students to be aware of self-serving individuals who exploit them for personal gains, far from the ideals of critical thinking and altruism.

As a result, the commission advised all higher education institutions to refrain from participating in activities that clearly contradict the identity and societal values of the country.

Controversy Surrounding Pakistan’s Treatment of Minorities

The issuance of this notification has reignited the long-standing debate about Pakistan’s perceived discriminatory treatment of its minorities, an issue frequently raised by the Indian government. The United States government’s 2022 report on ‘International Religious Freedom’ identified Pakistan as one of the 12 nations of concern regarding religious freedom.

Pakistan’s decision to ban the celebration of Holi has sparked discussions about the balance between preserving the Islamic identity and promoting religious tolerance in the country. Critics argue that such measures may further marginalize minority communities and contribute to a climate of discrimination.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s prohibition of the Hindu festival of Holi is a clear indication of the country’s commitment to safeguarding its Islamic identity. While religious diversity is acknowledged as valuable, it is important to strike a balance that ensures inclusivity without compromising the core values and cultural heritage of the nation. The debate surrounding the treatment of minorities in Pakistan remains a contentious issue, inviting further dialogue and exploration of ways to foster a society that respects religious freedom and promotes harmony among all its citizens.

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