IIT Hyderabad organized an Innovation Fair for School Students  Future Innovators Fair (FIF) 2023

FIF 2023 is an incremental step towards India’s urge to be Atmanirbhar, said Prof Murty



  • Entries were called from Students of Class 8th – 10th
  • 130+ entries were received for fair
  • 22 entries were shortlisted by an expert panel of IITH Faculty
  • 3 entries were declared winners & 2 consolation prizes
  • IITH will support the winning innovations for further advancement.


Hyderabad, April 13, 2023: IIT Hyderabad, with its motto as “Inventing and Innovating in Technology for Humanity (IITH)”, has been supporting Innovations in various ways. Within the last 4-5 years, IITH has incubated 125+ startups, which have created 1000+ jobs and a revenue of Rs. 800+ Cr. To promote Innovative ideas among school children, IITH is planning an annual “Future Inventors Fair (FIF)” this year. As a response to this year’s call of the Institute, the Institute received a total of 130+ nominations from schools of different parts of the State, of which a team of faculty members shortlisted 22 teams. All these 22 teams were invited to IITH to showcase their innovative ideas/creations in the FIF-2023 held today.

Explaining the uniqueness of the fair, Prof B S Murty, Director, IITH, said, “Innovation is not just our motto but is in the DNA of IITH. IITH believes in developing job creators instead of job seekers. From a Minor in Entrepreneurship in 2009, Incubators in 2015, BUILD Scheme (Bold Unique Idea Lead to Development) in 2020 & Department of Entrepreneurship in 2020 to double major in Entrepreneurship in 2022, it reflects our urge towards making India self-reliant – Atmanirbhar. So far, all these innovations’ influencing drives were limited to UG/PG/PhD students of IITH. We are working on making our BUILD scheme open to College students nationwide. In addition, we felt there are a lot of ideas with our young minds which, if given the right mentorship & platform, can create wonders. FIF-2023 is one such step in this direction. We wish to continue such drive annually and support such young innovators who would become future inventors”.

The list of 22 innovations is enclosed with the release.


The winners are:

1st Prize: Solar Cum Hand Dish Washer, ZPHS Isaipet

2nd Prize: Women’s period problems, Pallavi Model School Boduppal, Hyderabad

3rd Prize: Calamity Control Droid, The Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur

Consolation Prize -1: Women`s Friendly Utensil Supporter Machine, ZPHS Dammannapet

Consolation Prize -2: Auto Light Mechanism at Culverts, Excellent Star High School


Link to Winning Innovations Short Videos & Document: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hUKnqNdsxlXJGnbIEcIRY7KQmvgky2eT?usp=share_link



About IIT Hyderabad:

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) is one of the eight new IITs established by the Government of India in 2008. In a short span of 15 years, the institute has become a top-ranker. It has 300+ full-time faculty, ~4,299 students, 18 Departments + Centre for Interdisciplinary Programs, nearly 200+ state-of-the-art laboratories, and five research and entrepreneurship centres. The institute has a strong research focus with approx. Rs ~700 crores of sanctioned research funding, with PhD scholars accounting for about 30% of total student strength. IITH has more than 8100+ research publications with 1,20,000+ Citations, 190+ Published Patents, 2,000+ sponsored/consultancy projects with 500+ running projects, and about 100+ startups that have generated more than 1000 jobs and a revenue of Rs. 800 Cr.

To know more, please visit https://www.iith.ac.in/.


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