IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation to bring together Industry & Academia to work on National Clean Energy Goals

DST, Bureau of Energy Efficiency in collaboration with IPTIF, MNIT Jaipur & IIT Roorkee  are  organizing a National Stakeholder Workshop on 8-9 May 2023 to discuss & address challenges in achieving the National target of 500 GW renewable capacity by 2030

PALAKKAD, KERALA, 5th May 2023: The Department of Science and Technology (DST), with  IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) in collaboration with Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Malaviya National Institute of Technology(MNIT) Jaipur and IIT Roorkee are bringing together Industry, Academia, policymakers and researchers to work towards achieving the National Clean Energy Goals. India has set a target of generating 500 GW through renewable capacity by the year 2030.

This National Stakeholder Workshop is scheduled to be held on 8th and 9th May 2023 and will discuss issues, challenges, and RD&D (Research, Development and Demonstration) priorities in the power system area with utility, industry partners, policymakers, and R&D leaders. It will identify the most urgent RD&D priorities.

Highlighting the importance of this event to the nation’s Clean Energy Goals, Prof .A. Seshadri Sekhar, Director, of IIT Palakkad said, “This workshop will help to identify key barriers and opportunities for expanding the use of clean energy in the country. By addressing these barriers and leveraging these opportunities, the workshop can facilitate the development and implementation of innovative solutions that can accelerate the growth of renewable energy in India.

The DST aims to prepare a national roadmap for power system RD&D in the smart grid domain, to align India’s national policies with the proposed clean energy goals. The DST’s ‘Clean Energy Research Initiative’ (CERI) supports Research and Development in Habitat Energy Efficiency. The programme is focused on promoting R&D activities to improve the energy performance of buildings and cities.

Elaborating on the outcomes envisaged from this national exercise, Prof. N. P. Padhy, Director, Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur,  said, “The workshop focusing on green energy is a critical step towards achieving the national target of 500 GW renewable capacity by 2030. By bringing together experts, stakeholders, and policymakers in the field of green energy, the workshop can help identify opportunities and challenges in the renewable energy sector, explore innovative technologies and financing models, and develop effective policies and regulations to support the growth of renewable energy. Such collaborations can help accelerate the deployment of renewable energy solutions, reduce carbon emissions, improve energy security, and create new job opportunities in the clean energy sector. Therefore, the workshop’s success can play a vital role in achieving the national target of 500 GW renewable capacity by 2030 and advancing the country’s transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.”

The Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, is hosting the Workshop, which is being held in collaboration with several organisations including the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

Mr. Harilal Bhaskar, Chief Executive Officer, of IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF), added, “This workshop is part of Mission Innovation, a global initiative aimed at catalysing a decade of action and investment in research, development, and demonstration to make clean energy affordable, attractive, and accessible for all. This will accelerate progress towards the Paris Agreement goals and pathways to net zero”.

As part of this event, an Industry-Oriented Green Powered Stakeholder Workshop will be conducted focusing on:

  • Novel Renewable Energy- Technologies and Components
  • Grid integration of renewables and energy storage
  • System-flexibility: Operation, planning and markets.
  • Demand side management and electric vehicle integration
  • Energy sector coupling
  • Data management & digitalisation

Another Industry-Oriented Stakeholder Workshop on ‘Affordable and Sustainable Heating and Cooling of Buildings’ will also be conducted during the event.

The demand for comfort cooling is expected to drive the total stock of room ACs in India to over 1 billion by 2050, a growth of 40 times. It is expected to account for nearly 25 per cent of global emissions emanating from room ACs, according to the World Economic Forum.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Launch of Compendium of Technologies
  • Brainstorming
  • Industry & Academia Interaction
  • RD&D Roadmap
  • Efficient Refrigeration Systems
  • Alternate Heating & Cooling Technologies
  • District Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Effective Demand Response
  • Smart operations



IIT Palakkad has established IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) to facilitate the Technology Innovation Hub on Intelligent Collaborative Systems (TIH-ICS) setup at IIT Palakkad by NM-ICPS coordinated by the DST, Government of India. TIH-ICS, through IPTIF, plans to attract available nationwide potential and harness expertise, thus fostering class research innovation, technology, and product development. IPTIF also plans to build linkages with research institutes and labs in and out of India. One of its primary goals is to work in close collaboration with the industry to deliver commercial technology and products and build a vibrant innovation ecosystem through a reliable platform for technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurs.

IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) engages in activities that create value to the local and national ecosystem.



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